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 Words of Wisdom from SLCC

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Date posted: 06/09/2009

"When you are in Second Life, do you pretend to be someone you are not?" This is a question that a college teacher who holds classes in Second Life asks his students. This brings up a hugely important question in virtual worlds and depending on how he meant it, could indicate a fundamental misunderstanding of how virtual worlds work.

When a person adopts an avatar of a different race or gender, or a different persona than how he or she is known in the real world, is it pretending to be someone else, is it exploring different sides of ones' self, or is it simply being whothe person feels most comfortable being? The question implies that it's simply pretending to be someone else, but can be far more to it than that. In virtual worlds, it's common for people to adopt avatars who are very different from their real life identities. It doesn't have to be pretending to be what they are not.

.This was only one of a long list of issues raised on day three of the Second Life Community Convention.

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