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 Cut-and-paste simplicity for computer animation

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Date posted: 01/08/2010

Tools developed by European researchers bring cut-and-paste simplicity to gaming and animation. Users will be able to cut-and-paste complex elements like emotion, tone of voice and facial expression, making compelling new content, cheaply and quickly.

There is an explosion. Victims lie maimed or dead around the street. You are part of the emergency response and you have to quickly decide who needs urgent medical treatment. Breathing rate, skin tone, the wound severity and mental acuity are key indicators, and you quickly perform brief confirming tests as you move through the scene.

This is an animation, but it is much richer and more detailed than the current triage simulations available on the healthcare training market. What?s more, the simulation was developed more quickly and cheaply than the current state of the art.

It is also a clear demonstration of 21st century audiovisual animation, where recently developed European technology has brought the cut-and-paste simplicity of the internet to animation, audio-processing and semantic search for audiovisual elements.

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