System to Monitor Muscle Movement During Exercise
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Date posted: 08/03/2009
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Researchers from the University of Tokyo created a real time system to visualize how much individual skeletal muscles are being used during an exertion.

The study has obvious implications for MoCap refinement, and kinaesthetic boning methods for animation and sensory immersion. However, interestingly enough, the system is also using an augmented reality mirror to provide instant feedback.

In a demonstration for the media, the system?s display monitor showed a real-time computer-generated image of a male model?s musculo-skeletal system while he performed a series of physical exercises.

The system, which is currently capable of monitoring the activity of 30% of the body?s roughly 300 skeletal muscles, consists of 16 electromyographs (instruments that record the electrical waves associated with muscle activity) attached to the user?s body, 10 motion-capture cameras, and a pair of floor sensors to measure the force exerted on the legs.

On the monitor, each muscle is shown in a different colour depending on how much it is being used at a particular moment. Active muscles are shown in red, while inactive muscles are shown in yellow.

The muscle tensions show up like an engineering simulation

The more red, the more stress the muscle is experiencing.

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