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3D Multiview Video

3D Multiview video or MVV is a marketing snazzy term for stereoscopic display system. Essentially it means the display has multiple views of the same object, and they combine to form a single 3D stream.

See Also: Stereoscopy

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3D Multiview Video



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Good Video Games and Good Learning is a book dedicated to deep insight about games and learning. Whether you are creating games, simulations, or full blown multi-user virtual environments, this book is invaluable.

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Making an Electronic Whiteboard with the Wii
A video has been posted by Gametrailers.com, made by Johnny Chung Lee of Carnegie Mellon University. The video is a talk-though of demonstrations on how to use a Wii to create an inexpensive, interactive whiteboard for classroom use.

Video gaming has received a lot of high-publicity bad press. It has also received as much, if not more, low-publicity good press and praise for the good uses of gaming environments with computers. As social virtual worlds are still considered to be video games by many non-users, this bad press invariably knocks onto social VR and VR gameworlds like MUDs, and the large MMOs.

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Video Games and Virtual Environments increase Creativity in Children
The findings of a large-scale study of 12 year olds performed by Michigan State Universit found a strong correlation between increasing video-game usage and increasing creativity in children.

This book looks at the halfway there virtual reality of video gaming, arguing that such worlds are half-real, consisting of real rules in a fictitious world. Winning or losing in the physical world, but slaying the beasts within the virtual.

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Use of Video Game Technology in the Workplace Increasing
An Entertainment Software Association announcement from June 2008, on the growing trends for simulation technologies in commerce and industry.

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360 degree Full Motion Video Panoramas
The ISIS panoramic camera offers many new possibilities for security - and also for the use and applications of panoramic VR systems.

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Shedding light on the Catacombs of Rome
A BBC video article on how Rome's underground Christian, Jewish and pagan burial sites have been replicated precisely into 3D, explorable environments.


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July 11 to 15, 2011
Barcelona, Spain

IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME) has been the flagship multimedia conference sponsored by four IEEE societies (Communications, Computer, Circuits and System...

512Mb of onboard graphics DDR memory, twin on-card processing, dual ouput connectors, $1,500 US.

Before you ask what all that means, its the spec of the new Wildcat Realizm 100, and 200 cards from 3DLabs. The 100 is $300 chea...

UK sales of games will outstrip music and video for the first time in 2008, says a report from Verdict Research.

A huge shift in consumer attitudes has turned video games into the UK's most popular form of entertainment, say...

NEC Corporation announced today the development of a video content identification technology that detects illegal copies of video content uploaded to the Internet in a matter of seconds.

This technology generates a fingerprin...

The first-ever video advertisement will be published in a traditional paper magazine in September. The video-in-print ads will appear in select copies of the US show business title Entertainment Weekly. The slim-line screens - around the si...