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3D Stereo

A slang term used for stereoscopy, the art of providing two slightly different video outputs, one to each eye, that give the feeling of true depth.

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Solar Landscapes Captured & Available
NASA's STEREO probes have reached their optimal positions. The purpose? To create a continually changing, real-time map of the spherical star, more than detailed enough to use for terrain.


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Several reports indicate that prolonged viewing of mobile devices and other stereo 3D devices leads to visual discomfort, fatigue and even headaches. According to a new Journal of Vision study, the root cause may be the demand on our eyes t...

Tai Chiem, a Japanese designer, is creating a stirr, with a new prototype model PSP or Playstation portable, that consists of essentially a telescope tube from which unravels a flexible display membrane.

An electrical charge ...

Scientists using the camera aboard NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter are acquiring stereo images of the moon in high resolution (0.5 to 2 meters/pixel) that provide 3-D views of the surface from which high resolution topographic maps are...

Using a system similar to that used to create holograms, a pair of sterio orbiter satellites, launched last October are for the first time, producing stereoscopic images of the sun. Working in conjunction with a shutterglasses based display...

The Consumer Electronics Association has started standards work aimed at enabling home systems to play stereoscopic 3-D video. The group's first step will be to upgrade the interconnect standard at the heart of the High Definition Multimed...