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The accelerometer is a device that measures acceleration and tilt. In a given vector. Essential for gesture recognition, and motion tracking.

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A low-power motion sensor that crams an accelerometer, gyroscope and wireless transmitter on a three-square-millimeter chip could be used in cellphones and other portable devices, clothing and even implanted in the body....

It's a pattern that no doubt repeats itself daily in hundreds of millions of offices around the world: People sit down, turn on their computers, set their mobile phones on their desks and begin to work. What if a hacker could use that phon...

FitBit is a simple motion activated device that tracks the movement of the wearer and provides feedback about physical activity, calories expanded, and how much sleep was obtained by the user. Small enough to be strapped to one's underwear...

PayPal has come full circle. What started as a PalmPilot app that let users wirelessly exchange money has evolved into an iPhone app that lets users wirelessly exchange money.

However, whereas Palm users relied on IR "beamin...

Therapy Trainer has introduced a novel interface device, they term GameCap. Essentially, it is a baseball cap with an integrated six degrees of freedom gyroscope set, and an accelerometer.

Lisa Daily of Therapy Trainer comme...