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Administrators are the people who manage and maintain the OOC aspects of a virtual world (building, coding, running plots, addressing player concerns, etc).

See also Admin, Imm, Immortal, Wizard, Wiz

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The Mud Administrator
A short, sentimental article from the turn of the century, lamenting how even back then, once the bar for world creation was lowered, the net became full of low-quality worlds. Some things it seems, never change.

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Ethics and Virtual Reality
Despite the title, this article deals with ethics on gameworlds only. No other medium is touched upon. It is mostly focussed on the ethical interaction between administrator and player.

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The Aedon Attribute and Rule System
A roleplaying virtual world?s administrator shares some of the fundamentals of their world, and why they were set up that way, to serve as a guide for others building such worlds.

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And Justice for Some
Whatever the laws of your world are, people are goinfg to break them. As administrator, you need to be prepared to enforce them (or have them enforced by the players). You also need to minimise player objections, and the angst that causes. How? Clearly define, right from day one, what the behaviour tenets are, and what the punishment shall be.

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You Were Different When You Were A Player!
An old, old but so painfully relevant article about the disconnect that happens when a participant of a virtual environment, is no longer a participant, but is now an administrator with powers. The old adage about never mixing business and pleasure, was never more true.

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Muds Are Not For Wimps
?You may have heard it before. Maybe it was you, maybe it is someone on a mud you have played. But you know the drill: a drunk/immature/psychotic administrator flagrantly abuses the player base for the last time. Vowing to make a better, utopian mud, these abused players start their own mud somewhere else. And then it is all downhill from there.?

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Rules of Immship
Immortal, yet all too easily forgotten golden rules to observe when you are an administrator of any world, gaming, social, medical or educational. Although rule four is not always applicable, as not every VR is gaming, the spirit of it is still true. With power, comes responsibility, never, ever forget it.

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Choosing a Setting
?Choosing a setting. It can be a problem for any administrator, and it is my opinion that there is no more pivotal decision when creating a game. Everything one does, everything added and created from beginning to end, will be within the framework of what is chosen now. Such a choice is never easy to make, this decision delaying many potentially great games - indefinitely in some cases.?


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