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Allusion to Galatea

Allusion to Galatea is not a term used often in regards to AI and robotics, but its usage is on the increase. The term is usually applied to robots which stand motionless for indeterminate periods, then suddenly and without warning turn from inanimate to animate.

The Galatea alluded to is of course the statue in Greek mythology, which, carved out of marble by Pygmalion, was so loved by him that the goddess Venus granted the statue life.

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Allusion to Galatea


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Galatea and Modern Robotics: The Allusion
At first glance, it would not seem that an ancient Grecian myth would have anything to do with modern robotics. Yet, whilst still not commonplace, the allusion to Galatea is slowly gaining popularity as a phrase used to reference modern robots and android/gynoids. Certainly as we move ever-closer to bridging the uncanny valley, this allusion makes ever more sense.


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