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Alternate World Disorder

AWD is also known as Simulator Sickness. Alternate World Disorder is a type of motion sickness caused when the image you're viewing via HMD continues moving for a short time after your head stops moving. The disparity between the brain's inner ear and visual input can cause symptoms similar to motion sickness.

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Alternate World Disorder



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Organized Roleplaying Events
Organising even a handful of players into a cohesive, functional group for a roleplayed event is a nightmare for any persistent world. However, if you are not running a gameworld, or alternate life world, but desire a one-shot roleplay event with whoever is in world at the time, you can. Here is how to set it up.

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The Basics For A True Alternate Life
In order to create a truly alternate life, totally separate from the physical, to 'begin anew' in the virtual, and live as the person you were meant to be, rather than live with the deck of cards you were dealt when you were born, what are the very basics required?

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Book Quotes: Alternate Living
A second look at the use of personality constructs, both in Idoru and in our world. Why they are created, why they are needed, and most importantly of all: why they are no less than real themselves.

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Managing the Participant Viewpoint for greater Immersion
If you run a virtual world, whose premise centres around a form of living or lifestyle significantly different from mainstream society; whether roleplay, persona play, or full blown alternate life, the last thing you desire is for people to enter it, completely ignoring the in-world culture and behaving any way they like.

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The Only Two Guilds on Your Mud
A wry article on setting up a thieves? guild and assassin?s guild ? essentially griefer guilds, within a roleplaying, gaming , or alternate life VR world.

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Telerehabilitation to treat Physical Disorder
Telerehabilitation - rehabilitation conducted via remote link, as a variation on telepresence, would seem to be a good answer to patient treatmeent availability issues. It is used extensively for mental disorders. Can it be used for physical too?

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Virtual Iraq: Using simulation to treat a new generation of traumatized veterans
An emotionally powerful article by the New Yorker, on the use of virtual reality immersion to to treat young war veterans returning from conflict with acute post traumatic stress disorder.

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The Senses of Total Immersion
Total immersion in an alternate reality is as old as the human race. Quite possibly they are even older than that. Dream realities, fantasies, campsite stories, the world of a good book. All stem from the desire to experience an alternative life, a different lifestyle, to be something different, or to escape what you are.

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Love at the Prompt
A somewhat dated article now, still relevant, if using outdated examples, of the power of alternate, digital lives over the physical one.


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Called Xi, Sony promise "the world's first console-based Alternate Reality Game".

The new experience, one of Sony's largest initiatives in Home to date, offers up secret areas of the world, and access is free to anyone wi...

PlayVault announced yesterday, that Artifact Entertainment ?Horizons: Empire of Istaria? has joined the PlayVault scheme.

The scheme is intended to lessen the "Experience Treadmill" of switching between MMOs. Players spend ...

In what has become an annual event, for the past eleven years, the claim that too much use of the internet is a serious mental disorder has surfaced again.

n the American Journal of Psychiatry (DOI: 10.1176/appi.ajp.2007.0710...

A troubling sleep disorder that causes sleepers to physically act out their dreams by kicking, screaming or falling out of bed may be more common than reported, according to Loyola University Medical Center sleep specialist Dr. Nabeela Nasi...

Two new treatment methods under investigation at Drexel University aim to help people reduce binge-eating behavior.

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