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Base Mesh

A base mesh is a type of 3D polygon mesh, that is formed as a cvery simplistic model, lacking all detail, and is used as the basis for more advanced work. Typically they only have the vague general form of the object, and can then be customised to fit individual specifics.

For example, when modelling humanoids, a base mesh may well be used that has all the body parts in the correct places, and the correct proportions. But nothing else.

See Also: Mesh

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Base Mesh



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A Literal Sensor Web Comes into Its Own
It was only a matter of time before someone took the concept of a sensor web literally, and created a smart mesh web that could cover an object and detect when and where any breaches in the web occur. That wait is now over, and the first such smart fabric now exists.

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ECoG, or electrocorticography is a method of brain-computer interaction, in which a mesh of electrodes is placed like a veil, directly over the outside of the brain itself. MicroEcog, as the name suggests, is an order of magnitude smaller, and much more permanent.

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Electrocorticography Grows Up
Electrocorticography or ECoG is a method of neural interface in which an electrode array, quite like a fine mesh, is draped over the upper surface of the brain directly, under the skull. A section of the skull is removed to allow the array to be fed in, then replaced. The result is near-identical to a high fidelity EEG that is under the skull and thus away from its pattern dampening properties.

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Mobile AI
A basic, yet very good outline for a needs-specific NPC that responds to the environment around them. An excellent base from which to design your own system.

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Muds Are Not For Wimps
?You may have heard it before. Maybe it was you, maybe it is someone on a mud you have played. But you know the drill: a drunk/immature/psychotic administrator flagrantly abuses the player base for the last time. Vowing to make a better, utopian mud, these abused players start their own mud somewhere else. And then it is all downhill from there.?

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Codebase: ActiveWorlds 3.6
A look at the ActiveWorlds graphical codebase, its extensibility, pros, cons, and its suitability as a base for your world.

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How (not) to puzzle a player
An old Imaginary Realities e-zine article that has lost none of its relevancy with the passage of time. It details six ways to really, really irritate and frustrate your user base in any virtual environment ? gameworld or not ? if you provide puzzles and fail to design them with these problems in mind.

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Building a Believable Civilisation: From the ground up:
Stage 3: The seedling sprouts through

The third stage in building a race is to look at the environment, at the physical capabilities of the race itself, and build on these, into the base culture they will have.

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iPhone Telehealth for Health Professionals
Since the beginning of 2009, there has been a swift flurry of uptake of increasingly sophisticated health monitoring, reference and diagnostic tools for health professionals, using the iphone systems as a base platform.

World Review: Sherwood Dungeon
World Review: Sherwood Dungeon welcome screen
Sherwood Dungeon is a shockwave based, gaming virtual environment. It is in essence, a MMO boiled down to its finest base elements and given a 3D feel. A combat world, with chat added on the end, it often feels lacking, and even boring after prolonged participation.
Rating 39.5


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