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Biologically Realistic Model

A biologically realistic model is a simulation which attempts to simulate how biological systems behave. This may be defined as anything from simulating the spread of a pathogen, to accurate modelling of the deformation of soft internal organs under pressure or during surgery.

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Biologically Realistic Model


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Dangerous Realism
To paraphrase the article: Many of today's worlds seem to be striving for realism: 'realistic combat system', 'realistic trade', 'realistic medieval theme' or even 'realistic magic system'. However realism is not always a good thing - sometimes it can be dangerous as far as enjoyment is concerned.

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Instant Combat: Just Add Fudge
A suggested method for getting past the numbers systems, and belief in protracted combat, to fudge the system to allow a more realistic model of swift combat, where desired.

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Enabling Player-Created Online Worlds with Grid Computing and Streaming
The most popular model for modern MMOs is the shard model - small clusters of servers, each running a separate copy of the world, and each world mostly static. To have a truly dynamic world, with content galore, and experience without end, you need a different model. You need a single world, spread across countless servers...

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Large Image Display: AI: Artificial Intelligence: Facial Access Panel
This robot girl - gynoid - is used as a demonstration model by the film "AI: Artificial Intelligence", to show several aspects of their take on robot behaviour and construction. In this still, the gynoid's face is sliding apart for maintenance. This is not particularly realistic, for several reasons.

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Hacked: The Mathematics of Leaf Vein Architecture
The math by which the veins of leaves are formed has been cracked. By extension, the reasons for leaf size and shape have been cracked, and equations for creating the types of leaves that would service a given plant have been laid bare. Ideal material for anyone wishing to model a realistic but not physically real, plant.

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A Fourth Economy
In less than 20 years, the service economy is being replaced with a new model, the 'Experience Economy', a model in which, whilst there is still a place for services, they are not the main act of the economy. Instead, what is is the provision of experiences, memes, sensory indulgances, and a deeply personal and individual type of service.

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World's Oldest Prosthetics Show Even Primitive societies Used Prosthetics
In a discovery that is just as good for realistic content inside historical or fantasy-based virtual environments as it is for showcasing the history of prosthetics, a researcher at the University of Manchester has shown that not only were realistic prosthetic devices present in ancient Egypt, but by using MoCap, analysed how they worked.

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The Status of Realistic modelling on Home PCs: Technological Progress 2008 - Nvidea 8800
Recreating utterly realistic, and believable humanoid avatars has been a goal of graphic design and modelling since time immemorial. We take a look at the limit of the real-time capabilities of the Nvidia 8800, as to progression made, to date.

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Creating Realistic Terrain: Grasslands
Creating realistic terrain involves more than simply sculpting out a feature and plonking it on the landscape. To truly create a believable landscape, the process of natural grassland formation has to be understood, else grasslands may be placed in locations they have no place being.

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Creating Realistic Terrain: River Systems
Creating realistic terrain involves more than simply sculpting out a feature and plonking it on the landscape. To truly create a believable landscape, the entire process of natural river creation has to be understood, so that rivers can be created that flow naturally and feel right.


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A robot powered by a computerized model of a rodent brain will help researchers from UC Irvine and UC San Diego understand how people recognize and adapt to change.

The $1.6 million joint study is expected to provide neuron-l...

A new etch-a-sketch CAD system, under development by MIT takes whatever you have drawn on it's surface, with your pen, converts it into code, corrects any obvious errors or imperfections you've made, and then brings the objects to life as...

First demonstrated at Wired NextFest on Friday, September 29, 2006, the Virtue Canoe is a product of from the Technology Institute of Tokyo.

Scientist: Human brain could be replicated in 10 years

A model that replicates the functions of the human brain is feasible in 10 years according to neuroscientist Professor Henry Markram of the Brain Mind Institute in Switzerland. ?I absolutely believe it is technically and biologically possib...

A group of researchers in China and the US have successfully created a 3D model of a cancerous tumour using a 3D printer. The model, which consists of a scaffold of fibrous proteins coated in cervical cancer cells, has provided a realistic ...