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Cast Shadow

A cast shadow is a shadow cast by an object in a virtual environment, that is cast onto other objects in the environment than the one making the shadow. The shadow cast by your avatar onto the ground is one such example, as is the shadow cast by a tree onto a bench.

Cast shadows are a difficult subject in real-time rendering, since for every object that is visible, its shadow, and how many objects it collides with, must be worked out. Often shortcuts are employed where only key objects cast shadows. These are usually the avatars of users and AIs. In such a manner the realism is preserved where users actually are, and let a bit looser everywhere else.

In order to process cast shadows correctly, raycasting or raytracing techniques must be used, which is a bit beyond real-time rendering's capabilities at the current time.

See Also: Smoke and Mirrors, Raycasting, Raytracing, Frame Rate, Shadow Pass, Attached Shadow, Anisotropic Shading, Isotropic Shading

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Read this series for the twisting, evolving, many diverse threaded storyline, or read them for the wonderful imagery, and enchanting ideas for VR of the future. Whichever reason makes you pick up one of these, you are in for one hell of a ride!

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