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An E-professional is the term used to describe a person whose livelihood depends on their ability to telework. I.e., utilise VR, teleconference, or teleoperate rather than be on scene physically.

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The Infinite Office
Offices are key to commercial success. If you don't present a professional appearance, and, more importantly, don't have space for all your workers, you cannot function as an efficient organisation. That can be costly, at least if you think physical property. It doesn't have to be that way, and the rewards can be staggering.

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Soapbox: Becoming A Better Game Marketer
As the gaming and social VR development spaces mature, so both industries are beginning to chantge rapidly in erms of marketing and presentation. This gamasutra article looks at five tips for better marketing of professional products.

Written by Lee Sheldon, a professional entertainment writer, with such credits as Star Trek: The Next Generation", "Charlie's Angels", and "Edge of Night" to his name, this book is all about writing good, solid, sweeping plots for interactive entertainment.

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Production Testing and Bug Tracking
It's standard in the software development timescale, to leave bug-tracking, and problem solving until the Alpha development phase, when balancing is usually handled. This article from the game development professional's point of view, looks at why that is a bad idea, and strategies for handling bugs before they get to that stage.

If you are a gamer, a game developer, a virtual environment provider, a software security professional, or an interested bystander, this book exposes the inner workings of online-game and world security for all to see.

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Personal and Public Avatars
As the boundaries between virtual lives and physical lives thin and fade for an increasing number of people, the amount of their lives, their passions, their desires that are shared online grows. At the same time, professional interest in VR is at a level unprecedented at any time before, and steadily growing.

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IPhone, Android Telehealth for Health Professionals (Part 5)
Part five of this series looks at phone-based telehealth which reaches into the full records and data storage on each patient, kept within the hospital itself, allowing live editing and updating of those central records, via a medical professional, remotely.

An informative and easily approachable book on the near and long term potential future of robotics from MIT roboticist Rodney Brooks. In his professional life he is slightly obsessed with robot insects. However, in this tome all manner of robots are professionally discussed, with informed sources and a unique writing style.

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Book Quotes: Presentation matters more, when you have no Self to Present
A quote from Snow Crash, that speaks of the very real truth that the less of your physical self you present in a virtual space, the less deviations from visual perfection are going to be tolerated in any effort to sell yourself and your abilities. In fact quite the opposite occurs. The more fine detail and professional appearance you can cram into an avatar without slowing things down, the more it speaks well of your abilities and standards.

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Interview: Character Development and Storytelling for Games, with Lee Sheldon
An interview with Lee Sheldon, proponent of epic plotlines for MMORPGs, and professional scriptwriter. The interview centers around his new book, "Character Development and Storytelling for Games"which can be considered core reading material for plot development.


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Don Wilson, a man who gets excited at every new breakthrough in golf. He's the CEO of Virtually Perfect Golf Inc.

Virtually Perfect Golf is a computer-assisted golf trainer. It uses 3D VR goggles and motion detection combine...

The Dutch national supercomputer Huygens in Amsterdam defeated two human Go professionals in an official match on Feb. 10-11, a milestone in soft AI research.

This is the second victory of Huygens playing Go against professio...

Researchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) are applying stereoscopic 3D to record exercises on offside position for the FIFA to use as teaching material in professional training courses for assistant referees.

In February, the software MoGo, developed at the University of Paris-Sud, achieved what was once thought impossible: it won two games, on a 19x19 board, against professional Go players. (It did benefit from a handicap ? in effect, a number ...

13 - 14 September 2007
The Serious Games Institute, Coventry, UK

The Serious Games Institute and Ambient Performance announce the first Serious Virtual Worlds conference.

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