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Expert-level Decision System

An expert-level decision system is a type of expert system. It is a large-scale weak artificial intelligence, which is neural-net based. In other words it is a learning artificial mind, but one which will only learn about knowledge within set constraints.

They are designed to emulate, or ideally exceed the level of relevant knowledge a human professional in the same field possesses, but only the knowledge within that field. They are not general artificial intelligences (strong AI) and possess no sense of self, no understanding of anything that does not relate to their field of expertise.

The idea behind this particular type of expert system is that because it has instant access to more knowledge than a human expert's mind is likely to be able to recall at any given moment, and is able to directly access huge datasets in a way the human mind cannot, the decision making ability of the system will equal, or exceed the decision making ability of human experts.

In practice, expert-level decision systems are still a bit hit and miss. They are still only expert systems and so can only use data they have been exposed to. Their ability to extrapolate is limited by their programming, and their neural net components are entirely related to absorbing and integrating new data provided to them; not creating it themselves.

See Also: Expert System, Neural Network, Weak AI, Strong AI, General Artificial Intelligence

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Expert-level Decision System


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