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Feature analysis

Feature Analysis is a type of voice recognition. It works by distinguishing words and phrases based on differences in pitch, timing, frequency content, and envelope contours of the sounds.

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Feature analysis


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Populating Ghostville: Getting and Keeping Players, Part 1
Using the LARP model as an example, this article offers three paradigms for advertising your world, along with a detailed analysis of the benefits and the likelihood of attraction.

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MoCap for Movement Analysis
Promising work by QuinteQ on real-time motion capture without excessive hardware, holds promise for MoCap use in public VR.

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VR Interfaces: VRIxp
VRIxp is a medical diagnosis device using what is perhaps a novel form of 3D visualisation. It uses audio analysis of vibration deep inside the body to assemble precise structural detail.

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The Elements of Good Mythtelling, Part Four: The Heroic Character
A good, thorough analysis of the hero's journey, and how parts of it can be used to make characters that, whilest not necessarily heroes, are respectful in aura none the less.

The iClub is a 3D pointer of a sort. It does not work alone, but instead is designed to be fitted to a golf club. Once attached, it uses internal gyroscopes and accelerometers to track its own position and acceleration through 3D space, reporting that information to itself, for storage and later analysis.

ActiveWorlds released it's 4.1 codebase in early June 2006. This was a radical departure from previous versions, with focus on collaborative interactivity, and realistic effects.

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Book Quotes: A Synthespian's AGI
A quote from the VR novel Idoru leads to speculation, and analysis of how a synthespian AI could be constructed - would be constructed.. The logical result is a slightly scary, extremely alien mind structure. Yet, this seems a perfectly feasible form for AGI.

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Oscar Pistorius
Oscar Pistorius was born on 22 November 1986 in Sandton, South Africa. He is an athletic sprinter, one of the fastest in the world, whose perhaps only other notable feature is that he has no legs.

This book?s author essentially sees CGI imagery as the next great art-form. This book, is an art book, filled with lavish full colour spreads of image captures from passive VR. Both TV and feature film type.


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9th December 2013 - 13th December 2013
Sydney, Australia

ICMI is the premier international forum for multidisciplinary research on multimodal human-human and human-computer interaction, interfaces, and system developme...

Amazon is yielding to concerns of authors by letting them selectively silence a read-aloud feature in Kindle 2 electronic book readers that hit the market in February.

The US Authors Guild had warned that the new Kindle featu...

Smartphone sales exceeded feature phone sales for the first time in the April-to-June period, according to research firm Gartner.

Worldwide mobile phone sales totalled 435 million units. Smartphone sales accounted for 225 mil...

(Press Relese) Aug. 18, 2004? Simmetrix Inc., the leading provider of component software for simulation-based design and CAD/CAE integration, today announced the release of version 5.3 of the Simulation Modeling Suite. The CAD/CAE market ha...

A group representing the blind and other people with disabilities protested limitations to the new read-aloud feature on Amazon.com Inc.'s latest Kindle electronic reader Tuesday, arguing that the restrictions unfairly limit their access t...