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Fiduciary Marker

The fiduciary marker, or just the fiduciary, is the cornerstone of AR. It is the point or image in 3D space that serves as the point of reference for the scene. This is what a magic symbol image is. In the case of a magic symbol, it is also a marker of scale.

See also: Magic Symbol

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Fiduciary Marker


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VR Interfaces: Inupathy - Neural Interface Dog Mood collar
The Inupathy collar is an empathic collar, a brain machine interface for your dog, that visually transmits your dogs emotions in real-time, by reading the dog's heartbeat as a biometric marker for the emotional turmoil going on inside. It learns and adapts to the dog, and offers an insight into your best friend's thought process, to bolster the ones you already have. It's a brain machine interface for the heart.


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