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Fish Tank VR

Fish tank VR, more commonly called Fishbowl VR is itself, another term for Window on World (WoW). It refers to watching a VR world through a window, which you can look away from or to either side of. Typically, this is a computer monitor.

Fish Tank VR is an alternative to feeling immersed within a world itself ? you are only peering through the glass.

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Fish Tank VR


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Robot Fish Leads Organic Fish
Alife research carried out using a robotic fish and a swarm of biological fish in a water tunnel, has concluded that biomimetic movement is key to social interaction with animals of all types; not just humans. If it swims like a leader of the shoal, it is the leader of the shoal.

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Shopping Sensors to Determine Produce Quality
A prototype spectrometer, smaller than a sugar cube, cheap as mud, and designed to fit inside the next generation of mobile phones, brings the possibility of scanning fruit, veg, meat, fish, and many other items in real-time, to determine how fresh and healthy they are, before you purchase them - without damage from the scan.

First published in 1994, The Virtual Community was a revolutionary book, which inspired so much of the VR and social networking growth of the 90s. Within these pages, now revised and updated for the modern situation, Howard explores every facet of online communities ranging from the WELL, that think-tank of innovation and invention, to the sphere of MUDs and MOOs.

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Optical Tracking of Zebrafish Neural Impulses
Zebrafish are handy little critters, as far as neuroscience goes. These tiny, mostly transparent little fish have brains that whilst greatly simplified, have a structure remarkably similar in basic form, to our own. Add in that aforementioned near-transparency, and it becomes possible under the correct lighting conditions, to literally see right into their brains, to the point where you can practically watch as a thought takes place.

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Robotic Insect: Guided by the Same stimuli
For an insect, it is rather large. Six inches in length, and rolling around on tank treds rather than walking. Yet, this German robot is the same as an insect where it counts - in the brain. It possesses an embodied needs-based AI, itself running on a simplified version of the insect brain, and responds to stimuli from the world around it in the self same way a natural insect would.

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The biologist wore an orange slicker rather than hospital scrubs, and his operating room was a small fishing boat in the middle of the Hudson River. But Wednesday's operation was serious work as Burnett used a scalpel to make a 3-inch incis...

The team of Darmstadt researchers analyzed videos of fish?s motions and then developed a prototype fish robot that duplicated them, and are now testing it using the locomotional patterns of various species of fish in order to refine it and ...

Systems that combine virtual reality and artificial life are a mainstay of research labs (and gameworlds) all over the world. Now they're showing up in museums as a rainbow of fish.

The Museum of Science in Boston has "The...

Birds, turtles and seals have all had their private lives pried into using GPS tags; now fish are getting the same Big Brother treatment.

Until now it has been difficult to track fish with any accuracy. Large fish like tuna h...

Borrowing from Mother Nature, a team of MIT researchers has built a school of swimming robo-fish that slip through the water just as gracefully as the real thing, if not quite as fast.

Mechanical engineers Kamal Youcef-Toumi ...