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Fishbowl VR

Fishbowl VR is another term for Window on World (WoW). It refers to watching a VR world through a window, which you can look away from or to either side of. Typically, this is a computer monitor.

Fishbowl VR is an alternative to feeling immersed within a world itself.

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Virtual Environment For Dentistry - VDITS
The Virtual Dental Implant Training Simulation Program or VDITS is designed to help students in diagnostics, decision making and treatment protocols. However, its use is ultimately limited because VDITS is a fishbowl VR interface, not an immersive one - it expects participation via monitor screen, mouse and keyboard, rather than a full on virtual experience, at least at this stage.


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Specialists in Aberdeen are working on a virtual treatment delivered direct to patients' homes through the internet, overcoming any lack of therapists.

The work is being carried out by staff at the Aberdeen Centre for Trauma...

People playing video games, or engaging in fishbowl VR gameworlds for much of the day may be slightly less physically fit than the general population, but their eyesight and reflexes are far keener.

Researchers found that ga...

On December 20th, plans were unveiled by QNX Software Systems who specialise in in-car navigation and VR firm 3DVU, to attempt to produce an immersive fishbowl VR environment for in-car navigation.

Such a system is to includ...

A small study of ten stroke survivors by Sung H. You, assistant professor of physical therapy at Hampton University, in Hampton, Vancouver, USA has uncovered evidence that fishbowl VR (accessed via a computer monitor) could have a role in s...