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Flat Chat

Flat Chat is a sometimes derogatory, descriptive term for social communities online which lack any form of 3D element; no graphics, or flat, 2D graphics. They are flat chat spaces, hence, ?flat chat?.

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Flat Chat


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World Review: Chamber of Chat
World Review: Chamber of Chat welcome screen
An isometric collection of rooms, Chamber of Chat is designed to mimic the Harry Potter franchise as closely as their technology allows, incorporating every detail from the series in some form or another. Areas include Hogwarts, the dark forest, Gringotts bank, and other locations across the UK.

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The Impersonalities of Chat VR: Pros and Cons
Chat-based VR is impersonal. With the currently available levels of technology for this home-based social VR type, it has to be. Such systems are very good for communication, but if you try to go much beyond communication, into full-blown social interaction, dating, lifestyle, and well, life, you run into a problem.

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True 3D Endoscopy
Whilst endoscopes and laproscopic surgery are truly a revolutionary way of peering inside the body and performing complex operations from tiny incisions, the size of the endoscope has always traditionally limited them to single cameras and flat displays. But, with a little lateral thinking, even a single camera can produce stereoscopy.

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Flexvision Xl
FlexVision XL is a hefty medical flat screen monitor. It is a 56 inch (125 cm) display that functions like a GeoWall. The size of six normal monitors, the Flex in its name is from the design decision that the display area can be dynamically resized and split into as many virtual screens as the medical practitioner desires.

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MUD Pies: Part 2
Part two of this series takes you through everything you need, to turn your initial code into a functional chat server ? the bare-bones basics for any world.

World Review: Dreamland Park
World Review: Dreamland Park welcome screen
A gem of a social system, tucked away, out of the mainstream, DLP offers a little slice of cyber-utopia for a small number of friendly people, outside the usual realms of 3D chat.
Rating 61.5

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Roleplay Avatars with Emotion
A 'super emoticon' system for online chat, using photos and morphing them to create emotions, works just as well with CGI pictures as it does with faces, opening the way for facial expressions in roleplayed humanoids.

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Voice Chat Can Really Kill the Mood on WoW
A commentary from Wired magazine on the advent of voice in the gameworld WoW, and how it is destroying the virtual identity ? physical identity threshold. Well balanced for both sides.

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Future Chat
What do students think about the future of teaching, learning, and technology? The Threshold/ISTE Youth Forum gave 11 high-school students a platform to help us learn from those who will lead us into the future. Warning: 470 kb Adobe Acrobat document

World Review: Sherwood Dungeon
World Review: Sherwood Dungeon welcome screen
Sherwood Dungeon is a shockwave based, gaming virtual environment. It is in essence, a MMO boiled down to its finest base elements and given a 3D feel. A combat world, with chat added on the end, it often feels lacking, and even boring after prolonged participation.
Rating 39.5


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University of Maryland's Center for Risk and Reliability has conducted a new study, which has foud that using a female screen name like Cathy, Melissa or Stephanie is more likely to elicit threatening and sexually explicit messages.

Philips Electronics profits have plunged 79% on flat screen technology due to a glut in the market.

Profits at the Netherlands firm were 117m eurosin the three months to January, down from 550m euros in the same period of 20...

"There's a lot more interest in video calling," said Gina Clark, vice president and general manager for Internet Communications at Logitech, which makes computer peripherals such as webcams. "And in this holiday season, where folks can...

With the $35 billion Songdo city project in South Korea and Meixi Lake project in China, Gale International is creating model green cities of the future with an integrated network of utility, transportation, real estate and recreation syste...