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Flat Shading

Flat shading, also known as face shading or polygon shading, is the cheapest method of shading, whereby a single solid block of colour is applied to each polygon in a otherwise wireframe model.

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True 3D Endoscopy
Whilst endoscopes and laproscopic surgery are truly a revolutionary way of peering inside the body and performing complex operations from tiny incisions, the size of the endoscope has always traditionally limited them to single cameras and flat displays. But, with a little lateral thinking, even a single camera can produce stereoscopy.

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Flexvision Xl
FlexVision XL is a hefty medical flat screen monitor. It is a 56 inch (125 cm) display that functions like a GeoWall. The size of six normal monitors, the Flex in its name is from the design decision that the display area can be dynamically resized and split into as many virtual screens as the medical practitioner desires.


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Philips Electronics profits have plunged 79% on flat screen technology due to a glut in the market.

Profits at the Netherlands firm were 117m eurosin the three months to January, down from 550m euros in the same period of 20...

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Animal's brains are only roughly aware of how high-up they are in space, meaning that in terms of altitude the brain's 'map' of space is surprisingly flat, according to new research.

In a study published online today in N...

Sony Corp. said Wednesday it will introduce a new lineup of flat-screen televisions including the largest on the market in a bid to boost its mainstay electronics sales.

Introducing 15 new models of its Bravia line, Sony sai...

Energy regulators on Friday moved forward with a plan that could ban the sale of the most power-hungry televisions from California retail stores.

The California Energy Commission released what it hopes will be the nation's f...