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Follow Through

Follow through comes from the field of animation, and so is typically applied to sequences, the little pre-made animations that avatars generate to show the user?s mood, or interact bodily. These are usually discrete actions, performed for a set time and then stopped. Follow through occurs when part of an action needs to take longer than other parts. For example, when an avatar?s head swings, the hair on that head should continue moving even after the head has stopped, as it arcs round and settles back into place. In many VR sequence systems, this type of sub-animation does not happen, but when it does, it is known as follow through.

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Show Me the Path
Linear plotlines are no good for interactive environments. Players need choices, they need different paths to follow, and they may even make their own. What are your options? How do you go about creating multiple paths, for the players to follow?

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Prevailing View of Brain's Sensory Processing System is Under Fire
Industry News

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Does Function Have to Follow Form in Prosthetics?
Why do prosthetic body parts have to limit themselves to copying the original organic components? When a large part of a person's body is synthetic, shouldn't they be free to express it, however they choose?

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MUD Pies: Part 1 - Let's make a MUD server
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Electronic Health Records: Lessons from the iPhone
A Technology Review interview with two American health experts, on how the iphone may actually be the role-model to follow with the health stimulus bill.

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Online Console-ation Revisited
The follow-up article to Three-Dot Issues, looks at the future of online console usage, with some bleak prospects for bandwidth.

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General Laws of Business in Social VR
Ten laws we at VWN strongly recommend following if you plan on creating a business of any form within modern VR. We cannot guarantee you success if you follow them, but we can guarantee failure if you do not.

The Art Models series is three books long and growing. This, the first of the volumes, is the largest. Like the ones that follow it, there are no ultra-skinny models, but a variety of what would be considered average body types, posed nude with no censorship whatsoever.

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MUSH and Roleplaying Etiquette Guidelines
As the author states, this is only an opinion on the etiquette needed for virtual world roleplaying. However, it is a very well reasoned, and common-sensical opinion.You could do worse than to follow these guidelines.

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Large Image Display:Chrysalis (2007): Preparing for Surgery
Part four of a four part series taking a look at the French film Chrysalis and the views expressed within on how a telesurgical operation would work. Part four wraps things up, looking at how the film extrapolates the technologies to logically follow.


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