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Force Plate

A force platform or force plate, is a pressure sensor system, intended to measure forces exerted downwards by a human body or other form. Examples include balance boards and pressure soles. When several such plates are used in parallel, it is possible to determine how a standing human body is shifting, by interpreting how the pressure across the plates changes.

Thus, body movement, interpreted through the soles of the feet.

Their use in VR is obvious, as they provide a non-invasive method of calculating rough body position. In addition they are used in prosthetics to aid load-balancing and correct gait.

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VR Interfaces: Novint Falcon
Novint Falcon is a commercial grade haptics unit. Essentially, it is a 3D joystick that responds with the full range of force: Weight, shape, texture, dimension, dynamics and force effects.

Ray Kurzweil is a formidable force in VR and AI. Hell, he is a formidable force anywhere he has turned his attention. He has a knack for predicting the future, and so far so far not a single one of his predictions has ever been wrong. This book is his theory on Accelerating Intelligence made flesh and a warning for the monumental acceleration of technological change in the years to come.

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This Blessed Plot, Part Three
Looks at the most powerful of all plots - those which force a permanant change to something within the world, and what you have to bear in mind to achieve this.

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Haptics Theories Upturned: Pressure Independent of Velocity
It has been a staple of our understanding of the processes behind human dexterity for decades, that the faster you push at something, the more force you exert. Now, it seems that is not actually accurate.

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This is very much, through and through, a sceptic and downcryer?s book. A 180 page tome of essays that often argue utterly against the use of virtual environments for any purpose whatsoever, and decries them as a force of change.

This text offers an overview of the N-generation, the generation of children who in the year 2000 will be between the ages of two and 22. This group is a "tsunami" that could force changes in communications, retailing, branding, advertising, and education. The author contends that the N-generation are becoming so technologically proficient that they will "lap" their parents and leave them behind.

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Swipe Card Telephones for the Elderly
For some people, particularly some of the elderly; their sight starts to go, rheumatoid arthritis seeps into every joint, they find themselves unable to interact with devices as a young person would. So, don't force them to interact. How about an RFID swipe system, instead of buttons?

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Virtual Voice: Artificial Larynx
The larynx, or voicebox is the organ responsible for much of the production of soundwaves that become speech. Sound itself is generated in the larynx, and the pitch and volume of the resultant sounds are controlled there. In addition, the force the air is expelled from the lungs, adds to volume. Without a larynx, any form of speech is not possible.

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DARPA Urban Challenge 2007
Saturday, 3rd November 2007, the former George Air Force Base in California, US. Eleven teams gathered for the DARPA 2007 Urban Challenge, the third of the DARPA artificial intelligence challenges, intended to boost development of driverless, self-navigating vehicles, by seeing if they could handle urban driving. At stake, $2,000,000.


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A little robot which acts like a personal assistant?

Tag your bits and bobs with RFID ? purse, bag, keys, mobile phone, so the robot knows what they are. Then, stand in front of the robot, and its pressure plate will detect y...