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Format Frequency Synthesis

Format Frequency Synthesis is a method of synthesising virtual voices by concatenating phonetic sounds together to form meaningful words. Format Frequency Synthesis is the method used for most automated voices, such as phone menu systems, and speaking clocks. It produces easily understood, but generic voices.

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Format Frequency Synthesis


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This book and CD is essentially the electronic format version of Eadweard Muybridge?s ?Animals in Motion?. It contains electronic format versions of 167 black-and-white photographic sequences captures the movements of 34 different animals as they run, fly, leap, and perform other characteristic actions. Includes 10 bonus Flash animations plus 15 photographic sequences that are ready to be animated.

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RFID and the Brain
Radio frequency identification tags, and the human brain. They don't appear to have much in common, at first glance. Yet, there is a way to merge the two into one device, a procedure being pioneered by MicroTransponder, a Dallas-based start-up.

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RFID: Beginnings of the sensor web?
RFID ? Radio Frequency Identification. These small tags are starting to drift everywhere. Powered by the radio field the reader sends out when it scans for a tag, these tiny, primitive devices may actually be heralds of the sensor web.

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Finding the right Gestures for an Interface
It often seems that scarcely a week goes by without word of a minor or major breakthrough in gesture control of computer systems, speech recognition, or speech synthesis systems. All seem to be vectoring in on the ability to control computers entirely hands-off.

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Wireless Spectrum Sharing
We are finally coming to the end of days in which spectrum frequencies are parcelled out to allocated bandwidths for different services. This has been impractical for some time now, as older services have had larger frequency ranges, leaving newer services squeezed together into increasingly smaller spaces.

A handy dictionary of terminology in printed format for 2D and 3D computer modelling.

Complete Website: mmogchart.com
A small web service, dedicated to mapping the statisics on practically every MMO out there: Subscribers, active subscribers, market share, and a whole lot more. Comparisons available in xls format.

It can be hard to truly explain the focus of a complex worlds system in a single article; this semi-slideshow format is designed to give you an overview in easilly digestible, bitesize chunks.

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Ancient Greece
Four outstanding, public domain maps of ancient Greecian territories in jpeg format. Each map is highly detailed, and provides excellent information on the layout of countries in the ancient world.


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The creation of large-area graphene using copper may enable the manufacture of new graphene-based devices that meet the scaling requirements of the semiconductor industry, leading to faster computers and electronics, according to a team of ...

(Press Release) LightWork Design, supplier of rendering solutions for developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software, announced at the end of December 2006, the availability of building materials from the major Japanese manufacturers,...

German-based Sachform Technology (www.sachform.de) has released a suite of textures for use in immersive environments.

August, 18th, 2005, Sensbachtal, Germany ? Sachform Technology (www.sachform.de) is pleased to announce t...

Help is on the way for people who suffer from vocal cord dysfunction. Researchers are developing methods that will contribute to manufacturing voice prostheses with improved affective features. For example, for little girls who have lost th...

September 10th - 12th, 2009
Amsterdam, Netherlands

The conference series on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction is the premier international forum for state of the art in research on affective and multi mod...