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Fourier transform

A Fourier transform is a mathematical procedure for determining the frequency components of a particular signal. In audio signals, this method shows what components of a signal are made up of high, medium, or low sounds, and the volume and amplitude of each sound. This is essential for reverse-engineering a complex sound-producing system like the human voice.

Fourier transformations are the keystone of both voice recognition, and, to a lesser extent, virtual voice creation.

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Fourier transform


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$250,000 Ambulance
Better help is on the way for the 30-odd million people who call on EMS every year. Shrinking electronics, wireless proliferation and ?smart? materials from the likes of NASA are set to transform the ambulance into a virtually mobile emergency room.

Artificial intelligence is now advancing at such a rapid clip that it has the potential to transform our world in ways both exciting and disturbing. The book was written in 2007, and by that time computers had already been designed that were capable of driving cars, playing soccer, and finding and organizing information on the Web in ways that no human could.

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WI-MAX Promises to Transform America?s Internet
Several of the larger technology companies, including Google, are joining together for the Clearwire project; an effort to develop a nation-wide Wi-MAX network intended to render cable or phone line Internet obsolete and set the stage for free Google net access supported by advertising alone.

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Literary Role Play
?Muds are designed to move role playing onto computer networks. Yet they do not merely translocate, but transform role playing: the different environment, in which the players are also authors, and the text medium, which requires expressive language, can lead to a different type of role playing.?

This book, attempts to show in general terms, as well as in specifics, just what the continuously overlapping waves of disruptive technology, will do to transform he way the world learns. Whether or not educational institutions choose to try to keep up, business training has to adapt, if it is going to continue to succeed.

Creative non-fiction guru and seasoned immersion journalist Gutkind observes that just as computers changed the world in the 1990s, robots will transform technology in the near future. To find out who is behind the growing robotic surge, Gutkind spent six years observing life at Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute.

This book, by author and renowned VR expert Howard Rhinegold, was first published in 1991 ? nearly twenty years ago. All those years back, Rhinegold still managed to predict VR applications that are only just being realised today. Walking through computer mediated environments, with the power of physical legs; having targeted muscle re-enervation provide the neural connectivity of physical legs if you have none. Doctors treating patients remotely, or operating on precise mock-ups of patients before they lay eyes on them for the first time. Touring buildings, rendered in 3D, from blueprints alone.


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