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Free For All

FFA or Free For All is an option in MUDs or MMO gameworlds whereby any member of an adventuring party can loot the fallen bodies after a group combat. To lessen griefing and loot whoring, a majority of such worlds insist the group turns on this option. Otherwise, only the person who killed a creature can loot the fallen corpse.

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Free For All


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Combating Noise and Distortion When Linking Aircraft to the wider Sensor Net
Commercial aircraft are a problem when it comes to linking them to the wider sensor net - all external electronic communication flows through a single part of the nose of the plane. This must be precision manufactured to be defect-free, or moisture and heat can tear the signal apart. How then, do you guarantee it is defect-free?

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Practical NPC Management
A look at how to create NPCs who appear to have free will, whilst minimising the processing time required.

Adult VR worlds do not have to mean cybersex. Sometimes they are mature environments to wander and talk to others within, free from the presence of children.

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It was never about Hats!
This article stands as a statement against the compartmentalisation of ideas, genres, et al. You should be free to use ideas, concepts, and more, from any 'genre', into any world.

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Visibility: Advertising Your MUSH
This short, but informative article looks at the various low cost, or free methods for successfully advertising the presence of your virtual world.

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Does Function Have to Follow Form in Prosthetics?
Why do prosthetic body parts have to limit themselves to copying the original organic components? When a large part of a person's body is synthetic, shouldn't they be free to express it, however they choose?

Complete Website: Curious Areas Workshop
C.A.W. were a DIKU builder's free area distributor in the early 1990's. Whilst their service is now discontinued, their site is still actively monitored, and they contain a healthy selection of areas - just give them due credit.

Complete Website: AI Foundry
A focal point for Open Source AI development, the AI foundry is attempting to become the community hub for free AI development.

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Naming NPC's
"Gary Cygaks poured through his book of demonology looking for the name of the Demon who would help him free his adventuring company from the clutches of the evil council. And he came across it, "A very evil looking being is here." Knowing that he had found the name of the most powerful creature, he began setting up a circle of summoning. "

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Should real profits in virtual worlds be taxed?
In social VR and VR gameworlds, a large amount of people are making a lot of money ? some 200 million to 800 million US dollars worth per year and growing ? that is tax free. The American government is understandably annoyed by this.


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Rubies of Eventide, once a proud Commercial, subscription based MMO run by Warcry, folded some time ago, failing to meet costs. As of Mid day US central time today, it will return, free of charge.

"Thanks to some of t...

EverQuest, the original MMORPG. Based loosely on the DIKU MUD model (causing a storm of controversy - and litigation - when it launched), has gone on to become the largest and most recognised MMO.

Now, Sony Online, the maker ...

The broadband pricing war in the UK has increased with satellite firm BSkyB launching a free service for its subscribers.

Under the offer, existing network customers can get its 2Mb Base package for free. Sky expects 30% of i...

Mother and toddler groups, youth clubs and unemployment centres are among the winners of a competition offering free wi-fi to remote areas. From the Orkney Islands to southern Cornwall, 46 communities have been chosen to receive free wi-fi ...

The Free Ryzom Campaign is hoping to purchase the online fantasy game Ryzom from current owners Nevrax who will go into receivership in December. The campaign is raising the necessary capital through pledges and has already received more th...