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Friendly AI

Friendly Artificial Intelligence or AI is, perhaps predictably, any artificial intelligence that is friendly to the existence of other forms of sentient life. A poorly programmed, malevolent, or misguided Super AI could destroy all of humanity quite easily (reference the Terminator movies), so, if artificial general intelligence ever comes about, it had best be programmed to be friendly.

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World Review: Dreamland Park
World Review: Dreamland Park welcome screen
A gem of a social system, tucked away, out of the mainstream, DLP offers a little slice of cyber-utopia for a small number of friendly people, outside the usual realms of 3D chat.
Rating 61.5

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Tasks: a new variety of quest
?as a general guideline, tasks are smaller than quests. You could compare the range of what tasks could be to what you think a boy-scout does as tasks. Helping the old lady across the street, fetching groceries for that friendly old man, etc. etc.?

Planet Virtu?l in many ways, attempts to be an ideal virtual environement for online socialisation with limited technology. Its environment, particularly friendly to dial-up users, exhibits freedom of expression at every turn.

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Large Image Display: Code of Everand: Simple, Clean Character Creation
This is the character creation screen from Code of Everand, a child-friendly MMO run by the British Department of Transport, in order to teach children road safety. It is quite impressive in several respects, offering quite a few points to learn from.

An eminently accessible book, this slimline, 200 page tome uses casual friendly language to describe the view rather contrary to mainstream imagery, that videogames are producing a generation of businesspeople unlike any who have come before. The mindset of the gamer is producing successful business people with a paradigm shift in view to the older generations.


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If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then the computer science corollary must be "a picture is worth a 1,000 lines of C++ code."

That's certainly the case for the computer science students at the University of California, ...

France Telecoms, a corporation with a lot of time on their hands, have developed the next stage in augmented reality clothing. A T-shirt, with integrated display system stitched into the weave, and bluetooth friendly.

Now, yo...