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Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy logic is a brand of logic where 0 and 1 are not the only answers. Fuzzy logic allows for any number of real number interpretations between 0 and 1, as the returned answer. By avoiding discrete truth-values, Fuzzy Logic avoids some of the problems inherent in either-or judgements and is capable of understanding otherwise incomprehensible statements such as "very hot". Fuzzy logic is essential for natural language processing, and self-modifying neural nets.

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Synthetic Brain to Aid Research
In what is certainly initially seems like a novel twist on logic, researchers from UC Irvine are utilising a robot outfitted with an artificial mind, to help them understand how the human brain works.

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Book Quotes: Apparent Sensory Perception
Apparent Sensory Perception, later known as SimStim, is the logic endpoint of passive entertainment, in all forms.

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Surgical Simulators
In a strange twist of logic, endoscopic surgeons are starting to benefit from the technologies used in flight simulators. The task at hand is the development of a surgical simulator for minimally invasive surgery, that uses the standard endoscopic tools the surgeons would use in an actual surgery, and will use VR technology to add in full sensation.

This book serves as a new overview of multiagent systems, which are online systems composed of multiple interacting intelligent agents. It offers a newly seen computer science perspective on multiagent systems, while integrating ideas from operations research, game theory, economics, logic, and even philosophy and linguistics.


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By next year, Plastic Logic, based in Cambridge, U.K., will start selling a sleek e-reader that's the size of a standard sheet of paper and as thin as about six credit cards, and weighs less than a pound.

On Wednesday, Plast...

A nanoscopic '"resonator"' that could form the building blocks forof the logic gates inside an electromechanical computer has been developed by Sotiris Masmanidis at the California Institute of Technology.

Computers const...

AT&T Inc. planned to announce Wednesday that it will support an electronic book reading device due early next year from Plastic Logic Ltd., a Mountain View, Calif.-based startup based on British display technology.

It marks t...

The Laboratoire d'informatique, de robotique et de micro?lectronique de Montpellier has recently developed a new technology capable of reducing data leakage from integrated circuits during electronic transactions by up to 95% in comparison...

NEC Corporation, in collaboration with the National Institute of Materials Science, today announced the successful integration of NanoBridge, a solid electrolyte non-volatile crossbar switch, in Cu interconnects placed on CMOS logic. This d...