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A player who has become socially distraught or mean-minded enough that they either:

A. Set out to ruin the company behind the world, by openly advocating the change of choice of world to as many participants as possible.

B. Grief on new players, with intent to drive them out of the world entirely.

In social worlds this can mean swearing, and deliberate personal remarks meant to hurt
In combat worlds, this usually means 'kill-spawning' - sitting on the respawn point where players emerge after being killed, and hosing them with bullets the moment they emerge, so as to kill them again. Done over and over, many people will just give up in disgust.

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Keeping Control of Grief Players
A look at the different types of griefer in a VR world, and a fairly comprehensive listing of the types of thing you can do to put a stop to it.

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The Only Two Guilds on Your Mud
A wry article on setting up a thieves? guild and assassin?s guild ? essentially griefer guilds, within a roleplaying, gaming , or alternate life VR world.

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Explorers have more fun
A short, half-ranty article that is true to the point. Looking at what brings griefers to any virtual environment, from the griefer?s point of view, and suggesting ways to minimize their impact through the intelligent design of a world.

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The Cost of Insecurity: Griefing, from Anonymity to Accountability
Griefing, that most heinous of crimes in which the griefer gains pleasure from the misery ofthe victim. It has long been a thorn in the side of virtual environments, but this is the first time the financial and support costs have been considered. To combat it, we may have to lose one of our most treasured possesions - anonymity.


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