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High Level Interaction

High level interaction is where the virtual environment itself is responsive to manipulation andchange by the user. The highest level of interaction is the ability to effect lasting change.

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High Level Interaction


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Level vs Non-Level
For gameworlds, this one. A comparison of the relative benefits of level based experience systems, with a level less system based on individual skill.

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TweenBots could hardly be called high-tech. Yet, these adorable if dumb, throwaway robots have taught us much about the natuie of humans, and robot interaction.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Beyond: The Matrix VR Map
This image is all about mapping, and more specifically how to preserve all necessary high level information in a virtual environment, in a cut down form, to allow easy oversight.

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Virtual Environment business meetings a reality - commonplace by 2010
A short, previous news snippet, from 24/09/2003, looking at the increasing uptake in VR used for high-level business meetings. A progressive trend indeed.

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VR Interfaces: Jaipur Knee
Created in 2009, the Jaipur Knee was developed to buck the trend of high cost prosthetics, and give the possibility of a good quality, working prosthetic knee to those who need it most, regardless of their poverty level.

This book is an introductory level coverage of AI. Specifically it covers methods and algorithms that allow computer programs to automatically improve through experience. Intended for upper level undergraduate and introductory level graduate courses in machine learning, it is understandably light on content in many areas.

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Vivox, Bringing Integrated Voice to Virtual Worlds
When it comes to voice, what is best is of course a voice module that can take a virtual voice as input just as well as a microphone - giving those without voices the same level of interaction as those with. That is what Vivox is working on, for Second Life and World of Warcraft.

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Social Engineering
Social interactions between players are very important for most MMO worlds? after all, the multi-user aspect is one of our big attractions. Maintaining a good level of social interaction is especially important after the world has shipped. Live development is all about keeping your subscribers playing, and a strong social network is amazingly effective in accomplishing that.

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An introductory-level overview of the field of prosthetic limb replacement, and the level of development it is reaching.

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Raw Speed
The raw speed communication is possible at on the internet is a linchpin of VR for social use. As the immersion level deepens, and more and more bodily senses are incorporated into the simulation, the demand for high speed data transfer escalates. This report looks at some of the recent attempts to squeeze faster and faster data transference from the internet infrastructure.


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A record sale of a Warcraft account has gone through, for ?5000 ($9000 usd). A level 70 night elf rogue named Zeuzo fetched the price, the largest on record for a single account.

Zeuzo was worth so much, simply because of th...

The long-awaited expansion of the World of Warcraft gameworld is finally going on sale on the 16th of January. Marking the first major update to the gameworld, it adds and refines many features:

* Level cap increased to 70

Tenth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
12-16 September 2005, Rome, Italy

The INTERACT '05 conference will highlight to both the academic and industrial world the importance of the Human-Computer ...

March 5 2012 - March 8 2012
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Robotics is growing increasingly multidisciplinary as it moves towards realizing capable and collaborative robots that meet both human needs of soc...

July 1 - July 2, 2009
United Kingdom

CREATE 2009 is a 2-day conference about creating innovative interactions, whether digital consumer products, interactive services or interaction paradigms.

A conferen...