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IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, is basically interactive TV streamed over the internet. It is a paradigm leap because, via IPTV, only one set of data has to be sent to any home at a time, instead of several hundred for the user to choose between.

This means the broadcast quality can be much, much higher, and a whole range of interactive, and immersive features added. It also means a possible end to 'lowest common denominator' programming, as there could be several billion IPTV stations without making an impact on quality - only the one requested is sent.

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Q&A: Internet Protocol TV
What is IPTV? How does it benefit people? Bidding farewell to the days of mass entertainment being passive, as opposed to interactive, this FAQ attempts to explain to the layperson, a few home truths about the technology.


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From YouTube, IPTV, and high-definition images, to "cloud computing" and ubiquitous mobile cameras, 3D games, virtual worlds, and photorealistic telepresence, the new wave is swelling into an exaflood of Internet and IP traffic.

It seems that the US dominance of the Internet, runs only as deep as the corporate user. For the average citizen, the US is a third-rate third world country.

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