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Immersive Simulation

An immersive reality is one in which the senses are completely subsumed, such that there is no way to tell whether or not the perceived reality is ?real?, from a person?s sensory perception of it.

Also known as: Immersive VR

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Why Make a Matrix? And Why You Might Be In One
Revisiting the Simulation Argument, and an essay on why detailed, immersive simulations on the scale of the Matrix movie might be built, the philosophy of whether or not you are living in one right now, and realistic explanation for many of the common expected fallicies of this argument.

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Realistic Supernovas thanks to Simulation Runs
It is always pleasant when a research simulation unveils data that can be used in all sorts of other simulations – in addition to it's expected result. A new simulation on the formation of stellar novas, and the shapes they take, has provided just that.

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Virtual Environment For Dentistry - VDITS
The Virtual Dental Implant Training Simulation Program or VDITS is designed to help students in diagnostics, decision making and treatment protocols. However, its use is ultimately limited because VDITS is a fishbowl VR interface, not an immersive one - it expects participation via monitor screen, mouse and keyboard, rather than a full on virtual experience, at least at this stage.

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HMDs, Caves & Chameleon: A Human-Centric Analysis of Interaction in Virtual Space
An elegant comparison between three very different forms of hardware-mediated virtual reality - HMD immersive displays, CAVE immersive VR systems, and Chameleon VR systems that carve out a nook for themselves within the physical world.

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The Simulation Argument: Why the Probability that You Are Living in a Matrix is Quite High
The film "The Matrix" Promoted a lot of philosophical musing on the nature of reality. One philosopher, Nick Bostrom, postulated 'the Simulation Argument', the belief that the world we live in, is in fact itself a simulation, and a complex scientific proof to support the idea.

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Balance in the Blood not just the Ear
Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation. For those of us familiar with it, it's a possible panacea to cure simulation sickness, and rope the sense of balance of the user directly into the simulation. Unfortunately, it seems there is a fly in the mixture.

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Safety Simulations benefit from Manufacturing Simulations
Even the most vigorous, modern crash test simulation, with all known variables accounted for, can be wrong. Sometimes these differences are unavoidable with the computational power limitations of the simulation computers, sometimes its another, unforeseen cause.

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The proceedings of the second Modelling and Simulation conference IASTED (International Association of Science and TEchnology for Development) ran, back in 2002. This inch and a half thick paperback tome contains a 115 full papers from experts around the world.

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Personalised Healthcare Simulation of Blood
A simulation of blood flows and clots, personalised to every individual patient from a sample of their blood, has been developed in order to precisely ascertain which drug to give a specific patient to break up plaques harmlessly, and which to absolutely never give.


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(Press Release) Immersive Media Corp., has announced a research collaboration with the Pacific Telehealth & Technology Hui (the "Hui") located at Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, HI.

The Hui acquired an IMC Telemmers...

(Press Release) Major General Perry V. Dalby,VirTra Systems' chief executive officer, today announced the Company has launched its new mobile live-fire small arms training simulation trailer product.

The new live-fire simula...

(Press Release) VirTra Systems, Inc. has announced it will be demonstrating the most technologically advanced dismounted infantry simulator yet developed at this year's Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation & Education Conference (I/I...

It seems that avatar-based worlds are starting to become immersive. A new, breakthrough algorithm for industry simulation, architectural and research worlds works out whether the surface you're about to 'step on' is floor, wall, or somet...

The new Micoy camera System has been created to make real-time immersive worlds such as Star Trek holodecks, a reality.

The system is basically a set of cameras, that recordd 360 degrees by 360 degrees - the entire sphere aro...