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Another name for an administrator, an immortal is one who runs the world.

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Digital Immortality




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Roleplayability in Muds
A guide for how to enable true roleplay within the static confines of a computer-mediated world. The lessons this short article teaches are immortal. They were true then; they are true now.

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Rules of Immship
Immortal, yet all too easily forgotten golden rules to observe when you are an administrator of any world, gaming, social, medical or educational. Although rule four is not always applicable, as not every VR is gaming, the spirit of it is still true. With power, comes responsibility, never, ever forget it.

Computers are becoming more powerful at an ever-increasing rate, but will they ever become conscious? Artificial intelligence guru Ray Kurzweil thinks so and explains how we will upload our minds and upgrade our bodies to become immortal before the dawn of the 22nd century. In this debate with his critics, including several Discovery Institute Fellows, Kurzweil defends his views and sets the stage for the central question: "What does it mean to be human?"


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Martin Rinard, a professor of computer science at MIT, is unabashed about the ultimate goal of his group's research: "delivering an immortal, invulnerable program." In work presented this month at the ACM Symposium on Operating Systems P...

A group of researchers in China and the US have successfully created a 3D model of a cancerous tumour using a 3D printer. The model, which consists of a scaffold of fibrous proteins coated in cervical cancer cells, has provided a realistic ...

Northwestern University scientists have connected 250 years of organic chemical knowledge into one giant computer network -- a chemical Google on steroids. This "immortal chemist" will never retire and take away its knowledge but instead ...