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Implanted Pulse Generator

Implanted pulse generator is a fancy way of saying neurostimulator. It is a type of neuroprosthetic that works by delivering pulsed, modulated electrical signals directly into the brain, designed to change the electrical activity of a given region. In short they are a type of computer output device, which modifies the data the brain is working with.

Typically neurostimulators do not read the electrical activity in the brain; there are other types of neuroprosthetic for that.

See Also: Neuroprosthetic

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Implanted Pulse Generator






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The pulse is a pen, a biro which is held and written with like any other. However, unlike most, it digitally records every pen stroke, and picks up the audio in the room at the same time, linking the two together and storing them on an internal 1GB or 2GB flash memory system.

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Using VR and Phased Imaging to Track Alzheimers Disease Progression in New Ways
In mid 2012, Swiss researchers turned the world of alzheimers plaque imaging on its head: by combining a phased imaging source and an integral VR model generator, for the first time ever we can now track the formation of Alzheimers plaques in real-time in living patients.

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John Pezaris' Electrode Implant
The neurostimulator implant envisaged by researcher John Pezaris, is not the same as the medical neurostimulators currently in use. It is one of the first true neurostimulators. That is to say, not a general pulse device, but one capable of delivering meaningful data directly into the brain.

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The Orgasmatron
A prosthetic device, implanted the lumbar region at the back of the spine, that functions, essentially, as an orgasm control circuit, and bypass route for sexual stimulation without actual physical sex.

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Flexible, Implantable Biosensor for Healthcare
A prototype health sensor has been created that can be implanted inside the human body, bend to wrap around organs, and monitor in real-time any changes, illuminated by it's own light. The only problem is, it's still in the prototype stage.

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Neuroprosthetics Powered by the Brain
Powering a neuroprosthetic is a tricky issue. As most of these devices are implanted either on the surface of the brain, or deep inside its folds, it is not a trivial matter to pop it out and change the battery. But, what if the same sugar that feeds the brain, could also feed the prosthetic?

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Podcast: Deep Implanted BMI and Prosthetics in 2009
A Sky News soundbite, examining the work of University of Pittsburg researchers on prosthetic limb control, which nicely sums up the state of development for prosthetics in the closing months of 2009.

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Large Image Display: Chrysalis: Geolocation of Law Enforcement
A scene from Chrysalis (2007) in which the virtues of transparent monitors in call-centres and RFID chips implanted in police officers are discussed, with pros and cons of both technologies discussed in detail.


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Whether you're away from electricity or you don't mind expending a few of your own calories, a new generator allows you to recharge it simply by shaking it. Its developer, Brother Industries Ltd, says that the "vibration-powered generati...

A tiny generator whose power source is natural vibration, is likely to soon be added to embedded prosthetics.

Created by scientists at the University of Southampton, UK, the generator has been developed to power devices wher...

A long-elusive goal of physics has been reached ? producing a pulse of light so short that it contains just a single oscillation of a light wave.

The flashes are almost as short as a light pulse can be, according to the laws ...

The same cells electric eels use to shock predators and prey could be engineered to power implanted biomedical devices, say US researchers.

The researchers, from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Y...

A knee-mounted brace that generates electricity from a person's stepping action, and requires little extra effort, brings new meaning to the phrase "power walk". The generator could be used to power cellphones, prosthetic limbs, or medic...