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Input Glove

An input glove is a bit of a misnomer, as such gloves are usually input/output. They range from messes of wiring the hand is slipped into, to sturdy gloves with complex electronics.

Haptic gloves are a subset of input gloves, but not all input gloves are haptic. In essence, all work by tracking the relative positions of each joint in the hand, in real-time. The positions relative to one another are used to create a virtual hand that mimics the same movements inside the VR. This can be used as a complex interaction tool. The haptic variant also deliver output data back to the hand in the form of touch information for the virtual objects encountered.

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Police in the United Kingdom are starting to augment their bodies with technology, in order to better perform their duties. Crude augmented reality equipment is already becoming standard issue.

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Touchscreen Use in All Weather
Industry News

Touchscreen technology has until now, had one strong disadvantage: In inclement weather, wet, freezing cold hands result from touchscreen use, as gloves and other finger protectors have always made fingers too big and bulky to effectively use touchscreen technology, whilst masking tactile feedback with the glove?s spongy surface.

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Mice and keyboards, two great tastes...
A good article that puts to words in simple language that which we all know: Virtual environments for the masses are only creeping along because of the interface problem. For most users, a mouse and a keyboard is all they have for input, and true interaction requires just so much more.

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Makers of Dusk and Dawn
A look at the ultimate future of MMOs and social VR - player generated content. Second Life have worked out they have the equivalent of $400 million dollars of creative input per year - how to leverage that kind of player drive, and grade it in a MMO?

One of the first mobile clinical assistants to hit the market, was the Philips MCA in 2006. Created as a partnership between Philips and Intel, this relatively primitive wireless data input unit, was designed to be held in one hand, and interacted with by a stylus in the other.

One of the severe problems with haptic input devices (other than the very, very basic type that jack directly into the nervous system) is that the mechanics of hand-held systems only bend or push so far, then they hit engineered limits and the feeling dissipates.

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Multiple Sensory Modalities Proven to Reinforce Each Other
Usually when we think of sensory input channels - sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, balance - we think of the traditional hierarchical order, under the brain. It seems that that hierarchy is not as cut and dried as we once thought, with interesting implications for virtual worlds.


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Georgia Tech researchers are trying to reinvent how students learn to play the piano by developing a glove that vibrates to cue a budding musician which finger needs to be played at a given moment. The goal is to fuse music with muscle memo...

Commwell, a company out of Evanston, Illinois, has developed an ECG lead placement system that takes a lot of the guessing out of the process. The PhysioGlove is a 12 lead applicator that the patient holds down to their chest during the ECG...

June 21 (Wed.) - 23 (Fri.), 2006, Tokyo Big Sight conference centre, Japan.

Input/Output Technology and Product
? Display Device System
Visual Display, Audio Display, Tactile Display, Dynamic Display

Two fourth year electrical and biomedical engineering students at Hamilton's McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, have taken the concept of the cyberglove, and developed a CPR system with it.

Outfitted with sensors, circuit...

While Robonaut 2 has been busy testing its technology in microgravity aboard the International Space Station, NASA and General Motors have been working together on the ground to find new ways those technologies can be used.