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Interocular Differences

Interocular difference refers in VR to a disparity between the distance between the eyes physically, and the distance between the optics of a stereoscopic viewing device. As a result, the stereoscopic images from the viewer do not line up perfectly with the eyes of the user and a stereoscopic distortion occurs, causing the eyes to focus and compensate unnaturally for the blurring of the image.

See Also: Stereoscopy, Stereoscopic Distortion, IPD

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The Thing in Itself, Part 2
Continuing on from the above article, this one looks at the differences between online worlds, and text adventures. Obvious, perhaps, but still worthy of note.

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Safety Simulations benefit from Manufacturing Simulations
Even the most vigorous, modern crash test simulation, with all known variables accounted for, can be wrong. Sometimes these differences are unavoidable with the computational power limitations of the simulation computers, sometimes its another, unforeseen cause.

Antz, made in 1998, was a milestone in CGI. The first film to use actual facial musculature instead of manipulating expressions directly, this is also a thoroughly enjoyable film, and a great way to showcase how the seemingly normal, can make for a wild world ? with only differences of scale.

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Cosmic Rays, Micro-differences, and Virtual Worlds
One of the strangest things you notice with social virtual environments, where you have vast numbers of people coming and going, and using the exact same software to visualise the virtual world, is the sheer number of amazing, unduplicatable-by-anyone-else problems that are encountered.

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This short article, written in response to a forum post at another site, whose origin is, sadly, unknown, expresses the need of Role-Playing gamers to present a united front by embrasing differences between gamers, rather than suppressing, or ignoring them. As the author points out, these actions damage the RP gaming community as a whole.

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Assumptive and Suggestive Roleplaying
An old article from the Imaginary Realities e-magazine, looking critically at the differences between assumptive ? presuming what the other party will do ? and suggestive, role-playing activities, Ten years later, it is still sorely needed, as using the wrong type of role-play in any shared experience, lessens the fun for both parties.

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Emotion Critical to Memory Retention
According to a study led by psychologists at the University of Toronto, the differences in human memory are triggered by the varying levels of emotional involvement in that memory's formation. In order to remember an experience in a full and lasting manner, emotional involvement is absolutely critical.

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Probing the Differences Between Organic Vision and Machine Vision
A group of researchers from UC Santa Barbara have been comparing the human visual system to machine vision systems from an architectual and programming perspective, to see what, exactly makes human vision systems more efficient - and gain some insight on how to replicate that.

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Cyberbullying Versus Physical Bullying: Differences Highlighted
It has taken a few years, even with the increased hubbub (and rightly so) about cyberbullying, where the internet is used to harass and bully an individual rather than physical bullying. But researchers are finally starting to take note that physical bullying and (current) cyberbullying are not the same thing. Both can be devastating, but the very different mediums mean that different methods must be used to tackle the two.


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In a new fMRI study conducted in the Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Clinical Research Laboratory (Montpellier I University, France) and published by Elsevier in the February 2009 issue of Cortex, researchers found differences among male an...

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Video games that involve high levels of action, such as first-person-shooter games, increase a player's real-world vision, according to research in today's Nature Neuroscience.

The ability to discern slight differences in s...

Researchers at Georgia State University have discovered that in one species of freshwater crustaceans, social status can affect the configuration of neural circuitry. They found that dominant and subordinate crayfish differ in their behavio...