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Intimate Technology

Within the space of virtual environments, an intimate technology is any technology which is focussed on the individual?s identity or self-expression, and projection as a discrete entity, into the system.

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Intimate Technology


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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Matriculated: Cyborg Watchers
This still from Animatrix: Matriculated, shows something that may well be in our future. This solitary pair, one human one monkey, sitting by the sea shore, are both cyborgs, wired together in an intimate network of friendship, closer than any pure physical bond.

The book ? Love and Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships? explores every level of human relationship with robots, and robot-like creatures, arguing in favour of intimate relationships with robots ? and likely commonplace within a lifetime.

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WARP: Accelerating Wireless Technology Development
Prior to 2006, any attempt at investigating wireless technology, developing a new algorithm for propagation, or even trying for a whole new standard, all shared one thing in common: The phenomenal expense for the research team.

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A Selection Of The Dark Uses For SimStim
SimStim of Simulated Stimulation, is a powerful technology under development. There are always those who would use a technology to evil ends, and sensory recordings can certainly do much evil. Twenty-six examples of the less wholesome uses this will almost certainly be put to.

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Tongue Drive Technology
Tongue drive sounds at first like a strange sexual fetish. That may well be true, but it is also a disability-overcoming interface that has been developed over the past year by the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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Packbot to gain Haptic Feedback
In October 2009, iRobot announced that they would be receiving additional funding from the US Robotics Technology Consortium. They plan to use much of this money to add full haptic feedback technology to their heavy-duty robots.

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VR Interfaces: Tongue Drive
An assistive technology developed by engineers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, tongue drive is an attempt to bypass the need for brain computer interfaces in motion control for severe disabilities.

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Touchscreen Use in All Weather
Industry News

Touchscreen technology has until now, had one strong disadvantage: In inclement weather, wet, freezing cold hands result from touchscreen use, as gloves and other finger protectors have always made fingers too big and bulky to effectively use touchscreen technology, whilst masking tactile feedback with the glove?s spongy surface.

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Home Stroke Rehabilitation ? 2014?
Industry News

Its early 2009, and the University of Southampton, in the UK, is developing electrical stimulation technology, designed to help stroke patients relearn movement, by duplicating the natural, original nerve impulses. The technology is a direct offshoot of work to decode the electrical signals of the peripheral nervous system.

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Virtual Reality In Schools: The Ultimate Educational Technology
A strong look at the wonderous benefits of incorporating virtual environments into education, and the effects felt by two pilot schools in 1999. It demonstrates the awesome powwer of virtual environments in thre classroom - even using legacy technology (Never mind what we have now)


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October 7th 2012 - October 10th 2012
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

UIST (ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology) is the premier forum for innovations in the software and technology of human-computer in...

When: October 10 - 13
Where: Atlanta, GA, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Atlanta-Ravinia

The North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA) conference intends to conjure learning through simulations. Discover tra...

Nearly one out of two women would rather give up sex for two weeks than go without the Internet, according to a survey of 2,119 adults carried out by the online research firm Harris Interactive and sponsored by Intel Corp., released Monday....

Nearly one out of two women would rather give up sex for two weeks than go without the Internet, according to a survey of 2,119 adults carried out by the online research firm Harris Interactive and sponsored by Intel Corp., released Monday....

Plans by Internet service providers to deliver targeted adverts to consumers based on their Web searches threaten online privacy and should be opposed, the founder of the Web said Wednesday.

"I just want to know that when I ...