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Iterative Reconstruction

Iterative reconstruction is the attempt to reconstruct what a 3D object looks like, from seeing 2D projections, and observing how light and shade falls across the object. Uses typically include AI virtual embodiment, and AR vision applications.

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Iterative Reconstruction


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This book gives senior undergraduate and beginning graduate students and researchers in computer vision, applied mathematics, computer graphics, and robotics a self-contained introduction to the geometry of 3D vision; that is the reconstruction of 3D models of objects from a collection of 2D images.

This mammoth publication consists of several hundred illustrations, showing medieval clothing, armour, hand weapons, mounted weaponry, siege & balistic weaponry in fine detail - ideal for sensible reconstruction, or simply for ideas.


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The 3D reconstruction of a face from a single 2D image could be made faster and more accurate with new software being developed by scientists at York University.

Dr. William Smith, a lecturer in computer vision at York, aims ...

Medical scanners have combined with the latest bleeding-edge computer technology in a new exhibit at the British Museum.

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