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Kinematic Chain

A kinematic chain is formed out of multiple kinematic pairings all joined together in a line. A kinematic pairing occurs when two rigid body objects, either physical or virtual, are jointed around a shared pivot point. Good examples include prosthetic arm joints and avatar pieces.

Thus, a kinematic chain appears as a jointed snake, with each piece joined to one or two others. They may or may not be part of a larger hierarchical model.

See Also: Kinematic Pair

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No matter how concrete the data that 3D working environments and immersive, intuitive interfaces boost productivity and workflow significantly above that evidenced by window, icon and pointer monitor screen and keyboard setups, government agencies and the beaurocratic chain are unlikely to ever take them up.

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n a broken part of the ruin of an area of heavy file corruption, a light flickers. Upon closer inspection, it's a broken light bulb, hanging from a rusty chain. Yet every so often, the ghost of an intact bulb, shinning brightly, overlays the broken one perfectly.


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