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M-Commerce is a very new field of interaction. It was born out of the increased sophistication and thus computing power available in mobile phones, combined with the increasingly ubiquitous wi-fi access points and geolocation services as opposed to simple phone calls using them.

Thus services of benefit to businesses, phone users, or both, are cropping up. Such M-commerce applications include transactions over the mobile phone via the internet, as well as location-aware customised services – typically augmented reality geolocation adverts and service provision updates on the move.

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Use of Video Game Technology in the Workplace Increasing
An Entertainment Software Association announcement from June 2008, on the growing trends for simulation technologies in commerce and industry.

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A look at retaining playerbase. Eventually it will desert you, be it gameworld, commerce world, social environment. Sooner or later you will start to look dated and they will leave. This article therefore, is all about 'damage limitation' rather than 'cure'.


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