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MUCI or muscle-computer interface, is a method of interfacing with a computer system via the monitoring of muscle activity by a headband, armband or other similar device.

MUCI works by laying tightly across the user?s skin, thou not tight enough to restrict blood flow. It then detects and decode the voltages generated by twitching muscles under its surface.

The flip side of a MUCI system, is they have to be placed in specific locations on the body, that the MUCI interface device is familiar with, in order to map the muscle signals correctly. Place it in the wrong place, and the firing patterns will be interpreted as being different things by the interface.

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Research Behind MUCI Armbands
A PDF released by Microsoft Research, entitled ?Demonstrating the Feasibility of Using Forearm Electromyography for Muscle-Computer Interfaces? details the science behind utilising muscle control as an alternative, viable input system to gesture recognition or spoken commands.
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