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Machine Consciousness

Machine consciousness is another term for an artificial consciousness. It is an AI that is conscious, self-aware and its own person. They are considered a potential ideal candidate for many tasks, one would be that of a virtual person, tied to and embodied within a virtual environment.

Another would be a true android/gynoid, that was aware of its surroundings and able to interact intelligently in just the same manner, within the physical world.

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Machine Consciousness


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Geminoid H1: The Android
In 2006, Hiroshi Ishiguro, director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory of Osaka University, Japan, developed Geminoid H1, the first actroid android, or as the comic and film have pressed into the public consciousness, the first surrogate.

The dramatic growth in practical applications for machine learning over the last ten years has been accompanied by many important developments in the underlying algorithms and techniques. This book is suitable for courses on machine learning, statistics, computer science, signal processing, computer vision, data mining, and bioinformatics.

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Speeding Peripheral Nerve Machine Interfaces
Discussion of a possible hardware-based neuroprosthetic interface method designed to maximise speed gain in body-machine sensory interfaces.

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BMI: Basic Introductions
It has become apparent that whilst research into Brain Machine Interfaces continues at a steady pace, there is a certain amount of confusion in both academic and commercial circles about just what comprises a brain-machine interface. This disambiguation article intends to clarify.

The Trazer by Cybex Incorporated. Billed as a virtual reality exercise machine, this $6,495 USD (?3,300) machine tracks an infrared belt worn by the exerciser, and uses changes in the position of that, and senses of increase or decrease in heat rate, to determine how much they are exercising.

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Podcast: EPOC Brain Machine Controller
At The Entertainment Gathering on December 12th 2008, Tan Le, co-founder and president of Emotiv Systems, gave a live demo of EPOC, her non-invasive brain machine interface system.

This book is an introductory level coverage of AI. Specifically it covers methods and algorithms that allow computer programs to automatically improve through experience. Intended for upper level undergraduate and introductory level graduate courses in machine learning, it is understandably light on content in many areas.

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Probing the Differences Between Organic Vision and Machine Vision
A group of researchers from UC Santa Barbara have been comparing the human visual system to machine vision systems from an architectual and programming perspective, to see what, exactly makes human vision systems more efficient - and gain some insight on how to replicate that.

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Star Trek: The Original Series, & VR ~ Operation -- Annihilate!
A look at Star-Trek inspired improvements to brain machine interfaces, very very realistic and plausable brain machine interfaces.

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Optical Machine Vision Navigation System Found in Flies
A study conducted to understand how flies and bees can navigate so precisely using just natural sunlight, has interesting implications for machine vision, and adding additional sense-based navigation systems to UAVs and UGVs without adding the weight or cost of any extra hardware.


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June 11 - 14, 2009
Hong Kong, China

Researchers and scholars throughout the sciences, humanities and arts are invited to the 15th international interdisciplinary scientific conference on consciousness.


May 3-7, 2011
Aula Magna Hall, Stockholm University, Stockholm Sweden

The nature of consciousness is the most interesting and important question we face. Consciousness is awareness, subjective experience of internal an...

July 7th, 2012
Cambridge, UK

The First Annual Francis Crick Memorial Conference, focusing on "Consciousness in Humans and Non-Human Animals", aims to provide a purely data-driven perspective on the neural correlates ...

In engineering terms, it is easy to see qualitative similarities between the human brain and the internet's complex network of nodes, as they both hold, process, recall and transmit information. "The internet behaves a fair bit like a min...

A telltale signature of consciousness has been detected that takes us a step closer to disentangling the brain activity underlying conscious and unconscious brain processes.

It turns out that there is a similar pattern of neu...