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Map Based Travel

Map Based Travel is a variant on World in Miniature, or WIM where the user is presented with a miniature version of the entire virtual world, in the form of an interactive map which may sit alongside the window into the main virtual world - as occurs with many videogames - or which often appears as a handheld miniature map, usually in 3D in more immersive environments. Alternatively it may appear as an augmented reality projection outside the virtual world.

However, unlike in WIM, Map-based travel doers not teleport the user to that location, but rather movesthem in real-time from their current location to the new one. VRML camera presets are a good example of Map basedtravel in action.

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Map Based Travel


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The Last Mimzy is a story of a future (to us) society?s attempt to utilise time travel to find a solution, to a catastrophic ecological disaster that has destroyed their world. To do this, they employ time travel, and AI.

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In Pictures: Time Travel Through the Brain
A Technology Review picture gallery showcasing how the way we look at and understand the brain has changed in the period 1909-2009.

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Large Image Display: AWGate 5.0: Inside the Main Dome
It can be seen quite clearly here, how the world haas been designed essentially, like an exotic travel port. On the outside it is all awe and mystery; tranquil beauty urging yet preventing exploration. Yet, when you get inside, everything is business-like, clean lines and simple elegance.

World Review: 3DEE
World Review: 3DEE welcome screen
3DEE is a social worlds system based on the ActiveWorlds codebase. Like all systems based on this code, it looks and feels a bit dated, although this one has its own unique wrinkles to help take care of that. Based in Amsterdam, 3DEE?s primary language is Dutch, and the universe?s eight entrance worlds are loosely based around that theme.
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NASA to Study People Horizontal for Weeks
In one of those uncommon times when space travel research and virtual reality development collide, the NASA bed rest study program is designed to observe the effects of staying in bed for long periods on healthy individuals. The VR angle is it is an excellent way to gather data about extended periods with the mind plumbed into a virtual reality environment with the body just?there.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: World Record: The Crowds We Require
The Animatrix short film is set inside the virtual reality world that is the Matrix, inside an Olympic stadium, with a crowd of tens of thousands of avatars and AIs watching. This is glorious fiction at this point in time, and serves as a reminder of just how far we have yet to travel, for serious collaborative uses of VR. Only when scenes such as the one pictured above are replicable in terms of avatar participation density, will we truly see the business and social potential for VR, realized.

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Designing Need-Based AI for Virtual Gorillas
A look at creating "Need based" AI for realistic reactions in Alife creatures.

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Realistic NPCs
Refers mainly to text-based worlds, but applicable to both text and graphics based.

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VR for Research: Not the Medium, but Delivering the Message
We have heard before about VR based schools, VR based colleges and informal institutions. Now, the first formal scientific organization, the Meta Institute for Computational Astrophysics or MICA, has formed, entirely within the bounds of virtual environments.

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How to talk to corporations about games
A simple online game, based on the difficult prospect of convincing an organisation that a serious game or VR environment is ideal for their training needs. Based heavily on actual case studies.


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