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Mechanically Accurate Model

A mechanically accurate model is a computer simulation which behaves in exactly the same way with regards to forces and motion as the physical counterpart it is attempting to reproduce.

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Mechanically Accurate Model


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Enabling Player-Created Online Worlds with Grid Computing and Streaming
The most popular model for modern MMOs is the shard model - small clusters of servers, each running a separate copy of the world, and each world mostly static. To have a truly dynamic world, with content galore, and experience without end, you need a different model. You need a single world, spread across countless servers...

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Haptics Theories Upturned: Pressure Independent of Velocity
It has been a staple of our understanding of the processes behind human dexterity for decades, that the faster you push at something, the more force you exert. Now, it seems that is not actually accurate.

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A Fourth Economy
In less than 20 years, the service economy is being replaced with a new model, the 'Experience Economy', a model in which, whilst there is still a place for services, they are not the main act of the economy. Instead, what is is the provision of experiences, memes, sensory indulgances, and a deeply personal and individual type of service.

This is a physical therapy based book, in its second edition. It attempts to provide all the essential information required to make accurate judgements about orthotic/prosthetic prescription and fabrication to give readers a foundation for gait assessment.

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University of Calgary Unveils the CAVEman Virtual Human
Scientists at the University of Calgary have created the world?s first complete object-oriented computer model of a human body. Far superior to a series of slides, or a textbook, the model is codenamed CAVEman. CAVEman is four-dimensional, as opposed to three, because he can move, as opposed to being static. He can interact with those studying him.

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Adh Sidhe
A creature from worldwide mythology, included for accurate content within the virtual. The Adh Sidhe hail from Ireland. They are spirit-folk of an uncertain appearance. Not so much shape shifters as perceived differently from person to person.

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Book Quotes: Battle of Britain Holo-display
A quote about a holo-display in a rosewood cube, casts an accurate picture of how display technology can be worked into everyday things, to make it a part of life.

Neuromancer, written in 1984, has managed to stay in print for more than two and a half decades. An impressive achievement for any novel, it reminds us of the power of words, in the gritty, grimy, spiralingly depressing and technologically both wondrous and surprisingly accurate book that gave birth to the cyberpunk genre.

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Changing the Streets through Virtual Reality
Industry News

Before this month, the most helpful data computational models of traffic flow could produce, consisted of a two dimensional view of the roads with little green and red dots indicating vehicles in motion under different conditions. Very computational, and very accurate, but this sort of output is not very easy for the layperson to understand.


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A collaboration between three physicians at Heart Hospital in London and Glassworks, a UK digital animation firm, has produced a digital model of the heart that can interface with a virtual TEE simulator, and a haptic device for physical fe...

A team of researchers at Johns Hopkins and Texas A&M universities spent days tracking Hurricane Sandy’s power outage potential as the storm made its deadly march up eastern seaboard. Seth Guikema, an engineer at Johns Hopkins, and Steven Qu...

Armchair explorers who soar over 3D cityscapes on their computer may be used to the idea of maps with an extra dimension. But they are now getting accurate enough to offer much more than a preview of your next holiday destination. Accurate,...

Researchers from the National Physical Laboratory in England have made a prototype atomic clock based on optics rather than microwaves. As lightwaves operate at a frequency range 100,000 times higher than microwaves, they are potentially t...

Could it be that men have evolved to be more accurate at hitting a target with a weapon in the dark than women? That?s the surprising question left after a recent small study of human biomechanics conducted by evolutionary biologist Duncan ...