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Mind Download

Mind downloading is a concept an order of magnitude removed from mind uploading. It is the highly futuristic concept of going beyond uploading your mind or consciousness into an artificial device, but taking either a whole mind, or sections of such, and downloading into your own brain, rewiring neural connections as necessary.

Whilst we know such rewiring can be done on a small scale, there is presently no data to determine whether something on this magnitude would be achievable, with an unmodified organic brain. Now, with a brain augmented with significant amounts of artificial hardware, is quite another story.

A mind download basically makes a person at least in part, a totally different individual.

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ActiveWorlds: Local Caching a world
Any user of dial-up who has accessed the VR codebase ActiveWorlds for any length of time knows this problem: You download the world, then the computer locks up, or the browser crashes. You restart, only to find out you have to download the world from scratch again, as the datafile the program uses for downloads, corrupts if it is terminated unexpectedly.

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Meme Control
A meme is basically an idea or concept that self-propagates. Like a virus, it spreads from host mind to host mind, mutating, changing, and passing from mind to mind via gossip and communication transference. In a way almost paralleling Darwinian selection the most successful ideas spread like a viral plague across populations, till almost everyone knows of them.

This book strays from the pack of works on AI, in launching the supposition that the mind is not a basically rational process distorted by emotion, or made more exciting by emotion, and instead embraces emotional states as just a different way to think, an expression of the mind no less valid than rational thought.

World Review: Playdo
World Review: Playdo welcome screen
Playdo is a purely social world system. Created in the image of a small city, the entire apparatus runs under shockwave applications ? so it will run in almost any browser. There is no client to download, and everything is broken up into sections.
Rating 22.5

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Its all in your mind
Visual Psychology in game design, tricking the player's mind.

A reconciliation of two conflicting visions of what a person is--one embedded in our humanistic traditions, the other advanced by mind science--from one of the most influential philosophers of our time.

Debuted at CES 2009, mind flex is a Mattel thought controlled child's toy. Brainwaves are read to spin a fan faster or slower, to allow a ping-pong ball to navigate an obstacle course.

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Connecting to Telnet Worlds: Using Microsoft Telnet
Telnet -text based virtual worlds, or MUDs, MOOs and MUSHes as they are collectively known, require a TCP capable text client to interface with. Many different clients at a range of different prices with different addon features are available. However, each takes time to aquire, even if that is just the time to search in google and download.

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How Uploading Works
Adapted from a lecture given by Marshall Brain at the 2nd Annual Workshop on Geoethical Nanotechnology, this resource looks at the concept of mind uploading - transferring a conscious mind into a computer - and tries to use common metaphors to explain the subject to the layperson.

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Book Quotes: Dissecting an AGI on the Net
How do you even begin to tell where a mind begins or ends inside a purpose built network such as a brain? If that seems hard, try determining where a mind that is loose on the net, begins and ends.


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LG Electronics announced today that it has independently developed the first handset (user equipment) modem chip based on 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE)technology standards. The modem chip can theoretically support wireless download...

(Press Release) London and Paris - 28th September 2004 - Paris-based game Developer and Publisher, Nevrax, and Jolt Online Gaming, Europe's largest independent online gaming network, are pleased to announce the launch of the Saga of Ryzom ...

Japan's mobile phone giant, NTT DoCoMo, announced last Friday (18th Dec) that it has succeeded in maintaining a 1 Gbps download rate for mobile phones in a test network, running fourth generation (4G) connectivity. The company has announce...

Researchers have found daydreaming to be remarkably common -- and often quite useful.

A wandering mind can protect you from immediate perils and keep you on course toward long-term goals. Sometimes daydreaming is counterprodu...

I am not really me, nor are you really you. Why? Because the self does not really exist.

This is the premise of many studies into the workings of the human mind, yet it is one that many people steadfastly ignore.