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Mirror World

A mirror world is a VR recreation of a physical location or locations that is designed to duplicate the physical exactly, or as exactly as possible.

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A bitesize look at the IBM/EZFace partnership virtual mirror kiosk, designed to act as a VR mirror, using your face as an avatar upon which to display an almost infinite combination of make-up products.

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BlindAid: Mirror World for the Blind
BlindAid is an incredibly ambitious project; to merge mirror worlds and augmented reality, to create a real-time map for the blind.

The virtual mirror kiosk, is essentially what it says; a virtual reality mirror, using your face as an avatar, upon which to display an almost infinite combination of make-up products.

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US Research Indicates Thousands are Using Pokemon Go Whilst Driving
It would seem that when mirror worlds combine with mobile phones, there is a very real problem that too many users don't understand that it is not always safe nor appropriate to access the mirror world. A study here looks at the incidence of driving with or near misses with pedestrians whilst playing Pokemon Go via social media in a ten day period, with alarming results.

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Virtual Clothing Mirror
An augmented reality mirror powered by quite considerable computing resources, allows clothes to be tried on virtually, realistically, and accounting for all body movements in real-time.

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JCB Virtual Nanoscopy Viewer is not "Google Earth" for Cell Biologists but is a Good Start
At the start of August 2012, the Journal of Cell Biology (JCB) proclaimed in a press release that their new JCB Data Viewer was a major breakthrough, and the equivalent of the mirror world “Google Earth” for cell biologists. Well, the capabilities of the viewer are a breakthrough all right, but they are not yet up to the standards expected of a mirror world program.

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AR Gimmicks > Epson New Year Cards
Epson rounded off 2009 with a novel marketing strategy utilising virtual mirror technology. The standard type of kiosk-based visual AR, virtual mirrors utilise a camera and a large flatscreen display (the mirror) to superimpose virtual data upon the reflection returned. The idea? To create AR New Year's cards to send.

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Imaginary Realities: Strange Bedfellows Society
A reprint mirror of a short, amusing, and still oh so relevant article from the old Imaginary Realities e-zine on why it is never a good idea for a world, for the administrators to be dating one another.

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Imaginary Realities: Game Design - help files
A reprint mirror of an excellent article from the old Imaginary Realities e-zine on why help files and user advice is essential, both for games and for virtual worlds.

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Specialized Brain Cells Predict Intentions as Well as Define Actions
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted 23-02-2005. A study by UCLA neuroscientists featuring functional magnetic resonance imaging has for the first time found evidence that mirror neurons help people understand the intentions of others.


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A robot named Nico could soon pass a landmark test - recognising itself in a mirror.

Such self-awareness would represent a step towards the ultimate goal of thinking robots.

Nico, developed by computer scientis...

A fitting room designer in New York, USA has created a sensor web enabled dressing room mirror, equipped with infrared technology that sends a live video feed to any mobile phone, or e-mail account a shopper using it chooses.


Monash University (Australia) researchers have found that people who are good at interpreting facial expressions have more active mirror neuron systems.

Mirror neurons are brain cells that fire both when you do something and...

IBM and EZFace, Inc. have started the year by introducing the Virtual Mirror Kiosk, a virtual reality tool that will allow consumers to ?try on? cosmetics at the beauty counter. With the tool, customers will be able to snap a digital self-p...

Doubt is being cast on the true role of brain neurons that are said to explain empathy, autism and even morality.

Mirror neurons fire both when we perform an action and when we see someone else doing it. The theory is that by...