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Monocular Movement Parallax

If you close one eye, but keep the other open, you can still perceive depth by moving your head. In exactly the same way as binocular parallax works, this feeds the brain image data from several different angles in quick succession, just as happens normally with two eyes. This is called monocular movement parallax.

See Also: Binocular Parallax

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3D Visual Processing Centre Identified
Detecting 3D is a trait of stereoscopy. Its why humans tend to have two eyes, two different viewpoints create a degree of parallax, and allow us to perceive in 3D. However, motion parallax and movement in all three dimensions is harder to discern than simple 3D structure.

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Parallax Textures, Made with Camera Flash
A new method of creating parallax mapping has been demonstrated, which can automatically create parallax texturemaps from ordinary photographs.

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A Closer Look At Parallax Occlusion Mapping
An in-depth Gamedev article, containing step by step coding advice for implementing parallax occlusion mapping to textures, such that the simulated heights can even self-occlude.

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Prosthetic Control Systems and Grace of Movement
For a great many, the dream of being graceful and smooth of movement - or even not scattering every item on a desk they try to lean over - is something of a fondly held dream. For others, even being able to walk unaided holds a similar place of reverence.

The VirtuaSphere is the first of its kind, a rotating bubble like a giant hamster ball. It surrounds the user, responding to their every movement, and using doppler radar to detect, then translate that into a 3D virtual environment. Roaming freely without end. No walls, no obstacles, no boundaries to movement.

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An Engineers' AR Display
A new concept on eye tracking, does two things. Firstly, it integrates both concepts into one device, by registering eye movement through the simple expedient of tracking pupil movement via machine vision, and mounting the tracking camera on the rear frame of the device.

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NASA's X1 Exoskeletal Framework
NASA have unveiled their prototype X1 exoskeletal frame and trainer device. Unlike most exoskeletons, the key feature of this exceedingly bulky one, is that it can be used for training, just as well as enhanced walking. It is designed to inhibit muscle movement as well as enhance it; optionally forcing the wearer to work much harder for every movement.

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Waldo Avatars
In order for a virtual environment to truly be an environment for us, the avatars we utilise have to be so much more than they are now. They have to become extensions of our will as well as of our selves, bodily appendages or recreations that enable fine movement, and the manifestation of physical movement or the will to move physically, recreated in the every detail, in the collaborative, virtual space.

The second of the series of books, this one is divided into many sections, covering General Wisdom; Pathfinding and Movement; Group Movement, Tactics, and Planning; AI Animation Control; State Machines; Architecture; FPS, RTS, and Strategy AI; Racing and Sports AI; Scripting; Learning; Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks; Speech Recognition and Dialogue.

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Parallax Augmented Desktop
The PAD is another attempt to move beyond the flatland desktop paradigm. This one, thought up by researchers in Masatoshi Ishikawa's lab at the University of Tokyo, turns the desktop into a virtual 3D space directly.


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Sony today announced the development of a single lens 3D camera technology capable of recording natural and smooth 3D images of even fast-moving subject matter such as sports, at 240fps (frames per second).

This technology co...

In one respect, handling a computer mouse is just like looking in the rearview mirror: well established movements help the brain to concentrate on the essentials. But just a simple gaze shift to a new target bears the possibility of an almo...

eMagin Corporation, the leading manufacturer of active matrix OLED-on-silicon displays, and Fifth Dimension Technologies, a developer of virtual reality solutions, have announced five new products from the merging of their spheres:

Mimicking the way in which a retina works is as hard as it sounds. Scientists from Stanford University, in the United States, have spent the past two years working on imitating the way in which information is processed in biological systems...

The VirtuSphere, the latest 6DOF movement system for immersive VR, is offering general public access inside its latest model sphere at the Exhibition Hall of the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, Washington, USA, from 10AM to 6PM on both Augu...