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Motion Tracker

A motion tracker is a sensor integrated into a VR interface that is able to track movement of body parts such as eyes, head, or hands in real-time. Typically they are optical based or inertia based. By tracking movement in real-time, they are able to have the system respond. Gesture and gaze control interfaces work in this manner, as do head trackers.

See Also: Head Tracking, Head Tracker, Motion Tracking, 6DOF, 3DOF, Gaze Tracking, Gaze Control, Gesture Tracking, Gesture Control, Motion Capture, Accelerometer

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Creating a Budget Head-tracker with the Wii-Mote
A demonstration of both the use of a Wii-mote as a cheap head tracker, and a demonstration of head tracking, rarely recorded

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Cheapening the Cost of Motion Sensors
Motion sensors are starting to creep into a whole plethora of applications. They are the linch pins of haptics, of 3D pointers, of stress based sensor networks and locomotive VR interfaces. Yet, there's a problem. Small, discrete motion sensors, tiny enough to be built into larger devices the size say, of a Wii-remote or a 6 ounce HMD, are extremely difficult and expensive to produce.

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Eadweard Muybridge's pioneering work on the motion of all manner of quadrupeds. Horses, goats, cats, gnus, eagles, gazelles, sloths, camels, many others shown walking, running, flying, leaping, almost a complete range of natural motions duplicated for the benefit of animators and skeletal model making.

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Mazan: Flash of the Blade
An early commercial electromagnetic tracker system that surfaced in of all places, the arcade machines of 2002.

The paperback 'lightweight version of 'The Human Figure in Motion', this book as might be extrapolated from the title, contains 60 photographic sequences of the more common everyday activities of both men and women. Most are nude, allowing the musculature and natural drooping from one frame to another to be clearly seen and analysed.

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GPS Tracker To Keep Pupils Safe
After the events at Virginia Tech University in the US, in April, a major push at using wearable technologies and sensor webs to improve student safety has been underway.

Horses and other Animals in Motion is a collection of, as the title says, 45 sets of photographs of horses hauling, walking, trotting, etc., plus sequences of donkeys, an ox, pig, dog, cat, deer and other animals capture details of anatomy and movement. These images, were taken by the definitive expert in the field, Eadweard Muybridge.


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Nokia have developed a simple system, a mobile phone that lets you write messages in mid air.

No, its not holography, or some form of projection. A series of LEDs down one side of the phone emit patterns of light, whilst the ...

Aerotel Medical Systems of Holon, Israel has partnered with EcoTec of Tampere, Finland to bring the GeoSkeeper personal tracker and communication system to Finnish consumers. The watch-like device has GPS and mobile phone functionality to a...

Ducking a punch or a thrown spear calls for the power of the human brain to process 3-D motion, and to perceive an object (whether it's offensive or not) moving in three dimensions is critical to survival. It also leads to a lot of fun at ...

Researchers have long known of the brain's ability to learn based on visual motion input, and a recent study has uncovered more insight into where the learning occurs.

The brain first perceives changes in visual input (local...

An installation at London's Dana Centre promotes the darker side of London life via virtual reality immersion. The Living Image display, the combined work of three artists is on display until the 28th of May.

VR has always ...