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Multi-Touch is a new discipline of study with touch-screen technology. Unlike normal touchscreens, it allows a user to interact with a system with more than one finger at a time, allowing a much higher degree of interactivity.

Such systems also have the inherent capability to interact with multiple users simultaneously, making them ideal for group interaction sessions with interactive wall and table systems.

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Haptics: Texture
Haptics is the study of the sense of touch. There are many parts to touch, and five different types of touch nerve in the nervous system. Here, we look at what goes into detecting texture, how the nerves work, and some initial attempts to interface with them for VR.

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Haptics: Pressure
Haptics is the study of the sense of touch. Touch has many parts, but the most basic, the most fundamental of all, is that of pressure.

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Visual Pathways the same, With or Without Eyes
A surprising find that pure touch-based sense organisms like hydras and jellyfish are capable of detecting changes in light levels in localised areas, strongly suggests that sight developed as part of the touch sense - and that some form of sight sensor is ideal when proprioception is not workable.

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Woman with bionic arm regains sense of touch
The art of prosthetics has moved forwards once more, and Claudia Mitchell, who lost her arm in a motorcycle accident and became the first woman to be fitted with a bionic arm has now become the first woman to be fitted with an artificial arm ? same arm ? that returns a sense of touch to her nervous system.

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18-Foot Wide Super-HD Multi-User Multitouch Display
On September 8th 2009, Obscura Digital installed the first display of its kind, at the Hard Rock cafe in Las Vegas, US. This display is a dynamically resizing, dynamically multi-user, multitouch display wall.

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Fingerprints May Improve Sense of Touch
Industry News

One possible purpose of fingerprints is that they improve our sense of touch.

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The Sensorama
The sensorama was one of the earliest examples of multi-sensory, immersive VR. It was something of an experiment at the time, and was too far advanced for available technology or interest.

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Vie MUD was a Multi-User Domain (MUD) based off the DIKU MUD codebase. Vie spawned five versions, Vie 1-5. Each was publicly released, as a separate codebase to build a new MUD off of.


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Interactive hi-tech desks could help boost the maths skills of primary school pupils, researchers have said.

The multi-touch, multi-user interactive 'smart' desks were designed, built and tested by Durham University.

Researchers at Microsoft and Mitsubishi are developing a new type of touch-screen system. This one lets people type text, click hyperlinks, and navigate maps with ease, through the display?s surface.

The major difference is t...

Microsoft's "Manual Deskterity" combines touch and pen for a more natural user experience working with Microsoft Surface (tabletop touchscreen) and newer versions of Windows 7 tablet.

Microsoft?s aims are to combine pen an...

A touch-sensitive gadget with the sensing panel on its back, instead of the screen, is being developed by US researchers. Using your fingers behind the device allows a firmer grip and more accurate performance without obscuring your view of...

Touch-screen technology has become wildly popular, thanks to smart phones designed for nimble fingers. But most touch screens have a major drawback: you need to keep a close eye on the screen as you tap, to make sure that you hit the right ...