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Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

A Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA is a type of gaming arena in a virtual environment where the objective is to destroy the player avatars of the other participants until either only one is left, or a time limit has passed.

Whilst dedicated solely to gaming, MOBAs are seeing increased attention from VR interfaces, as the more realistic the interface, the more direct the satisfaction seems to be. They are one of the main vectors for VR in gaming, as they are conceptually simple, and relatively popular, consisting of a limited 'play arena' that is normally pre rendered, and most of the action focussing around the sequence files of the player avatars..

See Also: PvP, Griefing, Avatar

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Multiplayer Online Battle Arena


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Nightmares is one of those very cheesy made-for-TV movies, that exist on a shoestring budget, a wing, and a prayer. It is horror genre, and it came out in 1983. Consisting of four short stories, each of which possessed an incredible, somewhat unbelievable premise, the film has all but sunk to the bottom of the bargain bin since. However, the second of the four stories, ?the bishop of battle? is a noteworthy 80s attempt at a VR horror story, told in the days before VR was mainstream, so perhaps it does deserve a second look.

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