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Multiple Textures

Multiple textures used as a texturemap on the same image, can increase realism far more than a single texture could. This is because each texture is resized using mip mapping to a different aspect ratio before being applied over the top of a previous texture, in real-time. You wind up with a wide variety of bit depths and shading values that create a singularly unique new texture on the object.

This process can also be used to add mirroring effects, whereby a snapshot of the environment around the object as seen from the viewpoint, can be textured and laid over the existing textures, giving the illusion of reflectivity, or of light or darkness. This is sometimes known as light mapping or dark mapping.

It is even possible to combine animated textures with static textures in this way, building them up layer upon layer, or even mapping one layer across the object. The net result is an effect that no single static texture can replicate.

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An interesting article, on the track of creating multiple entertainment experiences in a single product, rather than different titles ? allowing individuals to explore the same gameworld, even if their interests often diverge.

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Parallax Textures, Made with Camera Flash
A new method of creating parallax mapping has been demonstrated, which can automatically create parallax texturemaps from ordinary photographs.

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A Closer Look At Parallax Occlusion Mapping
An in-depth Gamedev article, containing step by step coding advice for implementing parallax occlusion mapping to textures, such that the simulated heights can even self-occlude.

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3-D Modeling Advance: A single photo can be reconstructed into a 3-D scene
Building on the premise of Parallax mapping, in which 3D displacement of surfaces is faked by means of displacing textures both by creating a height map of their protuberance from 3D space and then calculating the angle of that protuberance relative to the angle the observer is looking, Microsoft and Make3D have created a process allowing a single photo to become a 3D scene.

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Role-Play vs. Multi-play
An argument that playing multiple characters or alts on a roleplaying world, decreases the ability to roleplay in any depth. Well reasoned.

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Large Image Display: Connecting Teeth to Artificial Bone
A much more in-depth look at the concept of designing multiple implants inside the body, so you can guarantee they will always connect perfectly, as demonstrated by the prototype LayerWise jaw and its successive implants.

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Multiple Sensory Modalities Proven to Reinforce Each Other
Usually when we think of sensory input channels - sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, balance - we think of the traditional hierarchical order, under the brain. It seems that that hierarchy is not as cut and dried as we once thought, with interesting implications for virtual worlds.

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Show Me the Path
Linear plotlines are no good for interactive environments. Players need choices, they need different paths to follow, and they may even make their own. What are your options? How do you go about creating multiple paths, for the players to follow?

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MR Aquarium
MR Aquarium was demonstrated in 2008, as a spatial VR project using multiple magic symbol displays on walls and pedestals, to bypass the problem, of turning the HUD away from the magic symbol, at which point the AR disappears.

Toshiba's leviathan of a computed topography scanner, Aquilion ONE is an attempt to go beyond the need for multiple scanning tests. The plan is to replace x-rays, CAT scans, nuclear studies, and other visualisation based diagnosis techniques in one swoop.


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